My Sustainability Journey

There was a day when bio-mimicry hit to me. What’s bio-mimicry and how does it play a role in our lives? First time hearing that words give me the chills. Later on in class it went deep into details and I felt the fire in me. Bio-mimicry to me is something that is sustainable by the used of invention from nature point of view. Someone who inspired me was Janine who is a bio-mimicry designer. By watching and teaching from her gives me the courage to make a change right now. She reach to me by her words and which is why I want to make a change to myself. This makes me want to do something about it and change something from apparel designs point of view. Whenever I think of nature point of view I tend to used that and model, measure and mentor onto an apparel designs. The way I model nature is by looking at a certain objects and see if I can vision something new that could create an original designs by that inspirations. When I see something interesting I tend to make it my own but not copying it. Making my own model out of nature helps me build up confidants of myself. The way I measure nature is by looking into details of the nature and relates similarity to it. For example is I measure where and how that certain nature can gives me its own outcomes. The way I mentor nature is by going to different places to see if there are any difference and also research to see if anyone came with the idea already because I don’t like to be plagiarize by others designs. I love the use of nature that surrounds the designs. By doing this it gives me the courage to be sustainable in fashion designs. The reason why is because I grab ideas from recycling stuff and reuse them for my designs. By doing all of these I went ahead and search for website. This website had given me tons of experience of how to be successful of its knowledge. By using the natural form from bio-mimicry I mimic a bat wings for making a flared out shirt sleeves as the bat wings. After that natural process is made by which kind of fabric is the same as the bats wings. Bats wings kept them warm in winter times so I decided to use a thick yet light stretchy woven. Last but not least I would mimicking of natural ecosystem in which I have to find reuse woven fabric instead of using most of the nature materials. My industrial ecology thoughts on using a systems perspective would help those in needs of their industrial by figuring out ways of satisfying customers’ needs to any possible environmental consumer. Found out that not many industrial communicate in linger terms instead of just short terms. By getting to know an industrial in longer terms would help proves which is wrong or right to treat other customers satisfied with their certain items. If it was me who own an industrial I would eventually go to different industrial and interview them about their industrial ups and downs about their use of waste. What stood out to me the most is that most industrial had been throwing waste which has cause the Earth System to change by increasing warning zone. Waste is a bad habit that even though it was a tiny bit of waste each day by counting the people that lived on Earth is bad. Even I myself have to be careful which is why I either reuse them or tend to design out of it nor recycle. My current recycle is doing pretty good so far which I need to be careful of throwing what away in its right place. Current reuse items are mostly clothing and water bottles which would use it to create a design. I have tons of clothes back when I was in elementary school and I would remake it to something else for different age groups. Also if I have holes on my clothes I would use reuse clothes in my closet and resew it or turn it to something new. I saved water bottles to make an interesting Halloween customs such as an animation characters. The energy that I used at home is not mush because I mostly use a small lamp or open the window as a light. I hate waste which is why I reuse that certain item but it could be like a hoarding in my house so I made it to others to use. My current buying related practices is pretty much bad but getting better each time.

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