The purpose of waste=food is to create a concept that is designed to be functional after the products life span and that every aspect of it can be reused. In class, we learned about the concept, waste=food which include two metabolisms. The first one is biological metabolism, it’s a sphere of natural processes. It means that the material is biodegradable which won’t harm the environment. The second one is technological metabolism, it’s a sphere of technical processes. This means material remains in a closed loop system manufacture, reuse and recovery which maintains the value through many product life cycles. Recycle and reuse is a concept we will use throughout this semester. Recycling has positive environmental impacts for instance, if we recycle cotton or wool, it reduces greenhouse gases, requires less chemicals and reduces water usage. Reusing something means you use the material as is, there is no processing or separating of the product. An example of a reused product is glass. In the C2C activity I put the waste=food concept we learned in class to use. We were to design a store front using the metabolisms we learned in class. I learned that there are ways in fact to reuse products for other purposes, doing this activity helped us be creative and show us how we can be sustainable. One clothing company I like that practices sustainability is Patagonia. They try their best to practice sustainability as much as they can, they reuse their polyester in many clothing items. They also only use organic material to avoid pesticide. They donate one percent of their sales to environmental groups around the world. They also give grants to environmental groups to help make a difference in the world.
In class, we did an assignment called Design Slam and our problem was to come up with a way to bring awareness of sustainability by using social media. Our solution was “#OSUSWAP” this means we would create a program where you swap your old unused clothes on campus for new clothing someone else swapped. We would incorporate social media by using OSU affiliated twitter accounts, Instagram accounts and whatever else social media accounts. My learning community brainstormed many ways to bring awareness of sustainability and we worked good together with thinking outside the box. Learning community four had dollar energy and they needed to come up with a solution to save energy. I thought their idea of how to save energy was cool, they would have a competition with all the dorms and whichever dorm saved the most money on energy bill would win. They would win money off their tuition or money on their meal plan. I also thought learning community six was neat, it was “plastic free, you better be” their problem was to save plastic. They had an idea to make shirt bags. I think their idea was a good solution.

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