Be the Change in the Company the World Wishes To See

My major takeaway from class this week was how serious our wicked problems in our world really are today. I learned that people don’t really pay attention to what is going on around them because they are so caught up in their own world. Definitely guilty myself, because sometimes I have problems of my own that somehow consume my life when I don’t pay attention to the other problems going on in the world that affects my everyday life. One of the biggest things that stuck out to me this week is how much these wicked problems not only affect our health and future, but more approachably, our economy. I believe this may be the backbone of the debates and disbelievers in some of these topics because most people may be scared to make a difference because of the consequences it may have on jobs, trade with other countries, source of income, and straight up shopping desires. As a merchandising major, the economy is something that I need to take very seriously because it relates directly to the consumers. It’s hard to have such a broad kind of market because only a certain target market pays attention to sustainability and cares to only buy sustainable products. My question to myself this week was how could I possibly help with the price of sustainable products so that it may appeal greater to the general public/consumer? How could I bring awareness and importance of sustainability through my products so that all consumers could afford it? One idea that posed a solution was the trickle down theory. Some designers at fashion week lately have been using sustainable products which is exciting because fast fashion gets its inspiration from runways and average consumers spot trends from runways so this leads to more of an awareness. Learning more about these problems really makes me want to take action, I took an environmental science class in high school and it definitely made me more aware, but in the class the disasters just seemed so wicked and so unobtainable to fix. It caused me to ask, “what can I even do to help since I am just one small person on this earth?” It is definitely a hard concept to come by, for example, considering so many people love F21 because of how cheap and trendy the clothes are (again guilty guilty guilty) but most people do not understand why they are so cheap. It’s hard to think of a solution to that problem because its such a big corporation and one person opting to not buy their clothes may not have as big as an affect on that. But taking this course in college while relating it to my desired industry and future career definitely makes me realize that one person can most definitely make an impact while working for a company and working with a team by spreading awareness and making smarter/greener decisions.

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One Response to Be the Change in the Company the World Wishes To See

  1. Dr. Joyner Armstrong says:

    This is an excellent blog! You are taking ideas and experiences we explored in class and thinking about real implications for you, for your field… exploring potential future scenarios and thinking about the tensions that are always there in the case of trying to resolve wicked problems.

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