Blog 4

Week 5 of class a lot of new concepts were introduced. In the first part of lecture we talked about the waste=food theory. The waste=food concept was designed so that products can be used beyond their life cycle. Then we talked about the cradle to cradle and cradle to grave concepts. C2C concept is a product that is designed to function efficiently and can be broken down at the end of it’s life cycle. C2G concept is the traditional production-consumption life cycle. Were we dispose of products when we are done using them. The world needs to adapt to the C2C concept, but it will be very hard because we have become accustomed to the C2G concept. We buy things and throw it way like I nothing. I know I personally do that with out thinking about the consequences in the end. The big idea of week 5 lectures was to get us thinking about sustainable solutions to reducing waste or creating better ways to dispose of them.

In the waste=food concept there are two metabolisms biological and technological. Biological metabolism the sphere of natural processes, biosphere. Technological metabolism the sphere of technical processes, technosphere. The waste=equal food theory is also used in the waste hierarchy to understand how we can help to reduce the amount of waste that we accumulate. In order to do so we should reject to landfill, recover energy, recycle, reuse, and reduce. Recycling and reuse is two of the main concept that we must use to help reduce waste. Recycling is the collection, separation, and reprocessing of materials. Reuse is the use of reclaimed material as is that involves no processing, or separation. The material then may be cut up to capitalize on the largest pieces before they are re used. Our C2C activity was to design a store display for a clothing store selling clothes for women earning 81,000 per year. I found this activity to be very easy and exciting. Coming up with a solution was easy for my group because we all thought that store displays are boring and that they need to be more innovative. Instead of having a mannequins display we thought of have a screen that displays digital images of models in the window. I learned that their were many sustainable solutions to our problem. All you have to do is look beyond the surface and get creative. A brand that I like that practice suitability is Nike. A multinational footwear and apparel brand that has recently been recognized for it’s sustainable strategies. With sustainable innovation at the heart of their designs Nike came up with its own Material Sustainability Index (MSI). The MSI is tool that Nike uses to helps their product creation team to select better environmental footwear and apparel materials from better suppliers.

Our problem was plastic and paper waste. We had to come up with a proactive sustainable solution and create awareness of the issue. Then we were to come up with a reactive way to repurposing the existing plastic and paper waste. Our solution to the first problem was to make recycling more common by putting recycling bins in convenient places and awareness signs everywhere. In an effort to eliminate plastic and paper waste we thought that it would be ideal to have general mall and store bags that way you don’t accumulate more bags from each store you go to. To repurpose the bag, we came up with the solution of donating plastic waste to school’s art department for a world wide competition of creating a sustainable redesign. I enjoyed working with my learning community, we were able to come up with great solutions. We first brainstormed solutions to the problem. Then we bounced back and forth of each others initial ideas and made them even better. I really enjoyed hearing group 7, i liked their innovative idea to create holographic mannequin that scans your body and move like you would. It’s never been done before and it would eliminate the use of store mannequins that break and need to be changed every other week. I also like group 2 ideas. The concept of redesigning old clothes into new ones. It would help reduce waste and clothes would be discounted to motivate people to buy them. They also talked about emailing out receipts which a lot of companies are doing today. I think this method needs to be enforced for all companies because would help with eliminating waste.

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