The Domino Effect

Wicked problems are all around us but yet they seem to be flying under the radar.  Sustainability is an underrepresented topic when it comes to wicked problems around the world.  From my perspective sustainability means being able to keep something at a constant flow or rate without negative consequences occurring.  Many people seem to have “more pressing issues” on their minds; yet, what is ironic is that if people do not start taking care of the environment we as humans will be compromising our own survival.  Although technology and products are always advancing and improving, it is often overlooked how technology and manufacturing processes effect our resources.  This class encourages us to pause and truly think about the repercussions of our actions as a whole.  Our class reading this week showed clearly that the Islanders had major issues that were ignored.  They were only focused on surviving in that moment and not what would happen if they continued their actions.  What I got out of this reading is that there needs to be a balance between give and take in life.  If you tip the scale too much one way or the other, there will be repercussions as the Islanders experienced.  They were extremely greedy which brought on a depletion of resources.  This led to a power struggle between the Islanders which fed the chaos amongst them and eventually led to their destruction.  It was a domino effect that was preventable.  As a Nation we need to connect the dots of our actions and see the bigger picture. Often, a given industry focuses on the precise issues pertaining to that specific industry and does what is best for the outcome they need.  Dominos will continue to fall if this continues as what one industry does effects other industries.  My main point is everything is connected and it is not smart to treat our problems as though they are isolated.  Everything must be laid out on the table for us to attempt to keep our world sustainable.   Many people seem to be only concerned about him or herself, not others or the future of the planet.  Some are not concerned with sustainability as they assume they will be long gone before there are any long term consequences.  This is extremely narrow minded, and I encourage everybody to look out for their neighbor, family, and offspring by caring about the world’s future.  Consumers have the power to influence the market for recyclable goods and services by purchasing goods that are made by ecofriendly companies.  Manufacturers will take note of where and what consumers are spending their money on.  Using reusable water bottles and grocery bags are simple daily acts that I practice.  These are both easy and accessible changes that anyone can make.  If everyone made two or three small eco friendly changes in their life that would prove to be beneficial to our sustainability as a plant.

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