A Problem That Will Only Get Worse

In class this week, my eyes were opened wide to what I feel like a good majority of society has chosen to ignore or are oblivious to.  It’s not that my eyes were closed, but the fact that I had become numb to the reality of how we treat the environment. I first realized the importance of how we treat the environment when I was in middle school because of Oklahoma’s initiative to “Keep Our Land Grand”.  Although we might have spent a whole afternoon in class talking about the importance of throwing away trash into a trash can rather than out a car window, it was nothing more than a day that we got to watch some videos or color worksheets. It wasn’t until later that day when I went home to tell my mom about what I had learned at school that she told me something that I will never forget. She told me when she was growing up, no one was ever concerned about the environment, that it was common to throw trash away wherever they wanted, but because of how they use to live, we now have to deal with a bigger problem that my generation will have to live with our whole lives and will only get worse if something isn’t done about it.

In class we watched “The 11th hour” and discussed the lessons of what happened to Easter Island.  The main issue that stuck out to me and I found to be the most prevailing  in both, was the mindset that the resources we have right now are unlimited and we can use everything that is available to our own liking. This is the scariest thought to me. Imagine one day in the future when you decide to visit the Amazon, but you are unable to see the beauty of what it use to be because of mass deforestation.  Not only do we use an excess of natural resources, but the way we produce everyday goods is effecting the quality of natural resources we currently have. The ocean is what comes to my mind immediately with this issue. The ocean is treated as a dumping grounds and we have began to see the effects it is having on the many ecosystems of the ocean. Our society needs to take the lessons of the people that lived and died on Easter Island and take initiative today. If we don’t realize the importance of sustainability, one day our society will find itself in a hole that is too deep to climb out of.


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