Horrific Visions of the Earth as We Know It.

Our world is falling apart as we know it, and to think that I have taken part in making it this way hurts me. For the first day of class, I had absolutely no idea what a wicked problem was. When I told my mom I was taking this class, she asked me what kind of class it was. I told her I thought it would be problems we face in the Design, Housing, and Merchandising world, but it has turned out to be more than that.

What exactly is a wicked problem? Before taking this class, I assumed it was a dark problem. It actually is a problem that is unique and seems to have no resolution. The documentary The 11th Hour painted a picture of how dead our Earth has become due to man’s ways. I was horrified at the thought of running out of resources in the future, while having a massive increase in population. We have abused our planet and have not taken action to replenish it. If this continues, the human race will not be able to survive and will become like the story of Easter Island. When I read this story, it seemed like a glimpse of what our future will become if we keep abusing the environment. The clans on the island used up every inch to cater to their cultural needs. We are conducting the same thing by using fossil fuels and other resources to use for our technology.

Wicked Problems will prove to be an eye opening class. The discussions have been a great way to see others opinions on each topic. I am very excited to learn how we can address these problems we see in our environment to help attain sustainability.

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