Wicked Problems Everywhere

My first week in Wicked Problems made me step back and reflect on what is happening in the World around us. I learned what a wicked problem was and how they are impacting the world and everyone in it. Wicked problems are very complex and can be difficult to understand, I am still trying to wrap my head around all the problems we had discussed this week.

I always knew that climate change was a problem, but I had never really cared to look more into it nor think about it. Watching the 11th Hour had me put things into a new perspective. I kept asking myself, “how can all these problems be happening in the world right now, why isn’t anyone doing anything about it, why aren’t people freaking out?” From deforestation to flooding to ice melting, these problems are occurring all over the planet, and what really shocked me was that there are not just two or three problems like I just stated, but there are hundreds. I feel sad that I have not done anything to try to make a difference, like recycling or not drive when I could use a bike. I tried thinking about what I could do but I know it would be hard for me to make a drastic change. I grew up in a small town here in Oklahoma, and I was not raised with the knowledge of climate change. My dad also works in the oil business, so my parents do not know how the oil industry is impacting our world and I had never seen a problem with it before. I realize that it will take me a while and more knowledge, but for now, I am trying to recycle as much as I can.

It is crazy to me that some people do not see that climate change is happening. When we started talking about some of the wicked problems and the climate change topic came up, we had discussed as a class how there are people that refuse to believe that climate change is happening. Like I mentioned before, I was not someone who really thought much about climate change but I always knew that was real and is happening right now. It just confuses me that there are people who refuse to believe the facts and research that has been studied by many scientists, they can not be made up. Politics and religion play a huge part into people’s beliefs. Many people’s views are also based on money. Money is the driving force for people to refuse to see what is happening in the world, especially like the oil industry. They are not going to stop their businesses if they are making trillions of dollars. I have mixed emotions on that because that is what gives my dad work and what helps me commute. I do feel as though that the people in charge of those industries should see that climate change is occurring and try not to damage the planet as much, I do not know how they could do that, but there could be some small difference that could be made.

Reading about Easter Island was very interesting to me. It is a lot to grasp in such a short reading. The first thought that came to my mind was how it is an example of what is happening in the planet currently. I wondered how something that happened years ago could still be relevant today, and I asked myself, “how could an effect that happened in an island so small compared to the entire world happen today, everywhere?” It is so difficult and a lot to grasp, but it makes sense. One of the biggest problems seen in the story is the overuse of the resources, with the population growing fast more resources were being used. The trees were overcut to help with building the statues. Even though that was a huge problem, I did not see that as the source of the problem. I felt that the source was that they did not work as a team and were being selfish to try to be the known as the strongest depending on the size and look of their statue. If they would have worked together instead of being against each other maybe there would have been a different outcome. I feel like that how we are living today. People are being selfish and not working together to try to make a change or help better the planet. Even with the technology that can connect every one all over, there is not much being done by the people around me that I have seen. Deforestation is also a huge problem that is ruining species all over the world. I find it unreal how there is animals that have roamed the earth for millions of years are now going extinct form the pollution, rising temperatures, deforestation, and more. linking the story with the current situation we are is a scary thought because the world could end and humans can go extinct one day if nothing is being done. I hope that one day everyone can see and try to make a difference. This week has changed my perspective on how I see the world, and I am enjoying it. I am ready to learn more in the next few weeks.

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