Blog 4


Week 5 has been a little more challenging. It has tested my group and I’s creative thinking, but it has also been really fun. We learned about the five principles, C2G&C2C, biological and technical metabolism, recycling vs. reusing, and we were also able to engage in fun activities such as the design slam. This week was very educational and creative. I really learned a lot about myself, and sustainability.

This week we learned a lot about C2C and all it entails. C2C is the concept that a product is designed to function efficiently while at the same time designed in such a way that it can be broken down at the end of its lifecycle and that EVERY party can be up cycled or repurposed. One of the three tenets of C2C is waste=food. This tenet uses waster as a resource and is very emphasized in the C2C process. Biological and technical metabolism makes up C2C. Biological metabolism is the natural process of waste=food in the biosphere, while Technological metabolism is the technical process of waste=food in the technosphere. We also learned about the difference between recycle and reuse. Recycling includes collection, separation, and reprocessing fiber, polymer, and granule level. While reusing does not include separation or processing it includes cutting up materials and then using products again at second hand. During the week we were able to do a C2C activity. This allowed us to really channel our creativity. We designed a storefront that included real plants and the background was made out of the cardboard from shipping. This activity was so rewarding because we really got to apply C2C to our field. A company/store I love is Free People. Free People focuses on three main areas, these include: reuses and renewal, alternative energy, and recycling. An example of what they do to help the environment is to create reusable shopping bags, and they have implemented recycling programs.

Our problem was that thousands of mannequins end up in land fields. Our solution was creating a robotic mannequin that can change body dimensions, walk around, and change positions. These mannequins have a very long lifetime and would not have to be thrown away, helping the waste in our land fields. Coming up with this idea was pretty easy because one of my group members is very passionate about this subject and has been studying it for a long time. We took her ideas and built more off of them. It was fun to share her passions, and this allowed us to become passionate about it too. Two groups that really stood out to me were group 8 & group 10. Group 8 talked about recycling clothing by doing a clothing exchange here on OSU’s campus. I really liked this idea because I feel like it is possible and could have a very positive effect on this campus and this environment. The other group talked about a competition between buildings on campus to see who could save the most energy. I loved this idea because this would motivate the students and staff on the campus to learn more about sustainability and maybe this competition could turn into some habits for some people to expand on. This has been a really great week in this class and I have learned and continue to learn a lot.


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