Blog 4

Week 5

During week 5 we discussed cradle to cradle and did the C2C activity. Each learning community did the first design slam.


Waste = Food means that waste can be used as a resource. This is an interesting concept to me and seems like a sufficient way of closing feedback loops. The biological and technical metabolisms are feedback loops. The biological metabolism is a feedback loop that describes nature’s feedback loop, or the Biosphere. The technical metabolism is the Technosphere, or technology’s feedback loop.

Recycling involves collecting, separating, and reprocessing. Reusing involves using materials and their pieces as they are. Recently I learned the difference between recycling and reusing. I had always used the word “recycling” to describe all sustainable practices, including “reusing”.

In the C2C project, my learning community redesigned a raincoat. We changed the raincoat into a poncho with a hood and put pockets on the inside. The outside of the poncho is made of recycled plastic and the inside lining is made from repurposed polyester material.

JCPenney provides auditing, support, and training to their suppliers in order to raise standards. The company works to conserve energy, lower the amount of waste they make, limit their emission of greenhouse gases, and lower their use of paper and packaging. They strategize their shipping routes in order to lower carbon emissions and take recyclable materials to processing facilities.

Design Slam 1

My learning community had to describe the lifecycle of an article of clothing, we decided on a pair of boots. We researched where the materials that make up the boots came from; leather comes from cows, the rubber sole from rubber plants, and the plastic thread from oil. We called the design “These boots are made for walking”. We discussed ways to make the boots sustainable, such as reusing materials from the boots or repurposing them as planters or doorstops. We also talked about making the boots out of vegan leather.

Two interesting ideas from the other learning communities are the humannequin and the store that has a greenhouse. The humannequin is a mannequin that changes to be someone’s exact size and proportions in order to show how the clothing will actually look on them. The store with a greenhouse would incorporate nature into their store and work with volunteers.

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