Blog 4

Monday the main topic we talked about was C2C, or cradle to cradle. The idea is a product is made to stay circling in the life cycle. It’s made and sold to a consumer then after using the product for a while, the consumer reuses it for something or recycles it to be broken down to be used to make another product.

Wednesday we had design slams. My learning community was given the problem of older adults that love nature, local products, and that current stores are to boxy and boring. We are told to create a store front that will appeal to these individuals. Our simple solution was to create a greenhouse inside the store window. It is easily one of the simplest and non-traditional ways to fill the space but also to bring consumers in. Older individuals typically like gardening and need the exercise, so they can volunteer to come in and take care of it. Once in the stores, they will see the new clothing and want to buy it and the new locally grown (by them) produce. While they are gardening it’s like having live mannequins in the window. Instead of having a boring visual display, new consumers will be interested with what is happening and come in to find out. The old boring stores are no longer there so we are calling it the Green Box instead of the Green House. This helps with the boring and boxy concept the older individuals are not liking with other stores.

The two other design slams that I liked were plastic bags concept from Learning Community 6 and the dollar energy from Learning Community 4. My favorite was the dollar energy idea. It would be easy to implement on the OSU campus.  Also the dorms already compete over many things throughout the year so this would be another fun way to help the university.

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