Blog 4

Last week we explored and learned about the waste=food concept and the two metabolisms inside of it which are biological metabolism and technological metabolism. The biological metabolism uses natural processes and the technological revolves around technological processes. The class also talked about some of the differences between reusing(using something again maybe for a different use but same state) and recycling( breaking it down and reforming ) . We also discussed cradle-to-cradle which is all about getting rid the thought of waste in general.

In our first design slam my learning community came up with an idea for a social media campaign #OSUclothingswap  which is a program to promote a swapping system for clothing starting on campus that would allow students to met at swapping parties to swap out clothing instead of having to go out and buy new clothing just to wear for one night. It will help reduce the amount of materials that go to waste every year from being thrown out. Our hope is that it would spread to other campuses and be able to create a more sustainable and money saving way for college students to get clothing.

Other groups that stood out to me were group one the hummanequins which is an idea of how to get rid of mannequins in stores and using technology by having holograms and changing the outfits out on them instead of a physical mannequin. The other group that I found interesting was having a competition between buildings to see who  can use the least amount of energy. I think it’s a great idea because this campus thrives off of competition and maybe they could even develop it into other colleges and make the competition even bigger.

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