My Sustainability Journey

During the past week I had learned about waste=food from C2C. My learning communities group and I worked on a design cover solution for women 24-36 consumer segment using one or both of the waste=food metabolism as inspiration. To do this raincoat, we did a poncho designs with materials from reuse water bottles and fabric linen. This texture relates to the Adidas shoe designs by reused water bottles. It was a fun activities to discuss this with my ADP group. However, without the life principles design lessons from nature the future wouldn’t change. The six principles that I learned were evolve to survive to ensure enduring performance, be resource efficient of local resources and opportunities, adapt to changing conditions to dynamic context, integrate development with growth in strategies, be locally attuned and responsive with the surrounding environment, and last but not least use life-friendly chemistry that supports life processes. To touch up more with waste=food from C2C concept is a product that is designed to function efficiently while at the same time designed in such a way that can be broken down at the end of its life-cycle and that every part can be up-cycled or re-purposed. To come up with these concept is that I learned to gather and use energy efficiently, shop locally, and use waste as a resource which change my life differently of being sustainability. Going back to waste=food there are two metabolisms such as biological and technological. An example of biological metabolism is that living organisms can either create energy or consume in which transform one form to another. They do this by absorbing energy from the environment. An example of technical metabolism is that they are not down cycled into lesser products instead materials that can be used over and over again.

The word recycling to me is by throwing away trash by their separate materials. My journey to recycling is by trying to throw away trash by their separation of materials. An example is by separating paper, food, and water bottles. Another word that I like using is reusing, which in my own words means use of reclaimed materials that may be cut up to capitalize on the largest pieces before re-use. My journey about reusing is that I myself had been collecting water bottles to make use of making something out of it that can be used for an entire life situation. Also whenever I went and bought fabric I would always have extras in which I would eventually save it for later used. For example when my clothes are ripped I went ahead to my waste fabric and make the clothing into something new. To grab all of these together as a whole there is actually a company that I like that retouches reuse called Goodwill. I like this place because they use sustainable practices over and over again. What I like about them is that they would collect reuse clothing from different people and would sell it to the customers. Even I myself would shop there because they have nice deals. Another one that I want to retouch is called Adidas which I like to shop since high school year and what they did was collect water bottles from the ocean and would use it to make shoe. This gives a sustainable practices of saving the ocean environment of nature and help them as well by not creating waste.

On week 5 me and my learning communities brainstorm and develop ideas from problem and solutions in our field. What we design was creating leather from a cow skin to make as a boots and the use of water bottles as the sole of the boots. By using water bottles as the sole will help maintain saving on nature use. On the other hand the problem is to maintain a stable use of cow skin in which we decided a process of ways to decrease the population of cow. Two groups ideas that stood out to me the most is learning communities 4 because they talked about how to save up electricity so that there would be low increase on money. This is a big problem to the entire world to me because there had been too much usage of lights that needs to be save up. Like what they said is that billions of money are mostly using from electricity. Another group that I forgot about the learning communities number but they were talking about how to design a machine that could be recycle by telling the amount of people who had been recycle each year. This is my favorite because we really need this in the future because we rarely see people recycle now a days.

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