MySustainable journey #4

During the past week, we have been discussing the waste=food concept, where I think that is really interesting to me because we have been keep thinking about what new product to create to reduce waste but we didn’t realize the product that we created will eventually turn into waste. So if we can reuse the waste from the product that has already been created, we will possibly reduce waste in our environment. We can take products that are at the end of their lifecycle and repurpose it into a new product, and that is the C2C(cradle-to-cradle) concept. During the process of recycling a product and upcycling it, we might receive benefit of having a new product from recycled material, but at the same time, we can’t neglect the fact that there might be more pollutions created to the environment during the production of the new product.

For the design slam project, me and my group member Victoria are required to come up with a solution regarding the environment issues we are having within our built environment which is the excessive use of energy. So we come up with an awareness project which will not only benefit the environment but also to the residents of that area. We created a project named “Dollar Energy” that we decided to start off from our campus at OSU. This project will not only save energy consumption on campus but also help creating a sense of belonging for the students that live on campus. The idea is to have competition among each dorm on campus and whichever dorm that save the most energy will receive meal voucher from school for each students living in that dorm. We believe that by creating some kind of incentive like this will help motivate students to be more proactive. We really hope that this will be a reality in the future to help with energy conservation because according to a fact we found online, just the university’s energy consumption, it cost 6 million each year. This design slam has lead us to discuss more about some possible real act that we could have done as an interior design student. Come up with this idea with my learning community showed how much we care in creating a more sustainable future for our industry. Besides, time crunch given by design slam has force us to think critically and analytically in short period which makes it even harder for the outcome.

I think I have learned that come up with solutions that will help creating a more sustainable environment is not that hard but the hard part is being able to implement that in our real life and getting people to be more proactive is that hardest part of the process.

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