Blog 4

  • During week 5, we mainly discussed the concept of designing with nature in mind. On both Monday and Wednesday, our learning communities came together to execute different activities such as designing a store front. While doing this, we had to keep nature as our number one inspiration and sustainability in mind. During the week, I began to think of design in a more sustainable way and continue to grow in my sustainable journey.
  • On this day in class we basically had to design a store that would appeal to our target market. This included thinking about the lighting, mannequins, background and even the glass in the store front. The cradle to cradle concept is basically designing something efficient that can be broken down at the end of its lifestyle. The following bullet points below are concepts that are considered to be cradle to cradle.
    • In the waste=food concept, we heard about the invention of the edible spoon. This concept reduces plastic waste in the world by making the utensils that people eat with edible.
    • Recycle & reuse is a very simple concept that everyone could implement in their daily lives. By just recycling it could have a major impact on the health of our world.
      • A company that I like is Skunkfunk. They practice sustainable design and transportation by making their clothing out of recycled material and transporting their merchandise on a boat rather than other options that emit pollution into the air.
    • During the design slam activity, my group and I had to create a sustainable storefront which kept the target market of older individuals who valued plants and local businesses. In order to fulfill these needs, my group designed a green house store window where local volunteers could grow produce that would also be sold in the store. Our design was named the Green Box. Not only was it sustainable in the way that we were growing produce and selling it but it was also beneficial to those in the community who would volunteer. This would give them something to do and something to feel more a part of the community as well.
    • Other groups that stood out to me were LC 4 and LC 6. I felt as if both groups had very unique solutions that were sustainable and innovative.
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