Problems and Paradigms

Problems and Paradigms
This week I learned a lot of new things, but also reflected on things I already know. I learned about how being in the society I live in and how I act is not mindful. We also talked about ways to be more mindful. Another thing that reached out to me, was human’s consumption and its effects on our world. We think in a way that nature is something to capitalize on and that products make us happy. No matter if we can live in a world that can allow for consumption or not, we need to change our ways no matter what.

The biggest thing I took away from this week was being mindful. It is very important. Since talking about it in class I have been counting the times that I go into autopilot. I am a creature of habit and I love my routine. As someone who has severe anxiety, change is incredibly scary to me. That is why I cling to my repetitive lifestyle. However, I noticed how comfortable I am with this, and it may not be a good thing. In fact, I was so used to my schedule before starting this class that on Wednesday I thought the class started at four, when it gets out, and had already gone home for the day. Luckily, I realized when I made it home that I had made a mistake, and quickly went back to campus to go to class. However, this almost gave me a heart attack. I was very upset with myself for doing this. This gave me a huge realization that I personally need to change my habits.

I already try to do mindful practice because I meditate a lot, and know how it can help people from my own personal experience. I started meditating this summer, because I was going through outpatient intensive therapy. We met together every day for eight hours. We would start our day off with at least ten minutes of meditation. Meditation has helped me in my own selfish ways. It has lowered my anxiety immensely, and has specifically helped me with coping with anxiety attacks. I now know how to reign in overwhelming thoughts, and deal with the fact that there may not be a solution to all my problems. This can help me a lot when dealing with wicked problems.

Being an interior design major, I will have to face wicked problems a lot. A lot of people will not feel they are responsible for keeping these problems in mind when working. However, I am invested in addressing these problems, while continuing to do my work. I was first interested in interior design, because I want to help people. I am from Moore, Oklahoma where it is known that tornados are prone to destroy homes. I want to help with this problem. This involves a lot of wicked problems. While I want to address these problems, it will be difficult because interior designers capitalize on people’s needs for consumerism. It is known that home goods were the earliest consumer goods, and are still prioritized for people’s wants. I have to ask myself the question: How can I be an interior designer if the purpose of my job will be to make money off of people’s wants? I am not sure there is any one answer to this problem, but I do know that being mindful could help. If I implement more mindfulness in the aspects of my job, then maybe I can help people and the environment at the same time.

From these learnings I have to look to the future. There is a lot of things I have to consider personally. What can I do? I know that there may not be one specific answer to any of the problems I will face, but I must at least acknowledge the problems. Personally, I know that I could practice mindfulness a lot more. I need to start breaking my routine more, and be comfortable without my normal routine. I at the very least need to include mindfulness practices into my everyday routine. As for society as whole, I am skeptical of what we should do. While we could live in a society that allows consumption, I am not sure if it will work. I am skeptical, because I think that even if we changed some aspects of the way we are going that it will still not work. I think that history repeats itself and people will continue to do what they have always done; be selfish and end up putting their wants over meeting their needs. This is why I also do not think a drastic change will end up being the solution either. I think no matter what humans will cling to the exact thing that is destroying our home. While I may sound like a pessimist, I really think that a collection of work must be done. No matter what people need to be more mindful. We need to think more about the earth, and how we are destroying it. This may not be the one solution everyone is looking for, but it is a start.

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