The End of The World

I never realized how close the end of the world could potentially be. The past week my eyes have really been opened to all that is truly happening in the world and about the idea of wicked problems.  My thoughts have always been that if there is a problem, there will be a solution. Little did I know, the world is not that simple and that is what can be so scary. I have really learned to accept major problems in the world and have started to think about my thoughts on finding solutions and reasons why they don’t agree for everyone. I found the movie we watched very fascinating because I now am aware of how things can spiral out of control and can lead to many more problems and there just seems to be no end.

One major thing I discovered was I always thought that all of the problems in the world like global warming and using non reusable resources would be an easy solution and was something humans could not help but do. Little did I know that all that is happening I now believe are all because of humans. I feel like humans are the root to the evil in this world and we might just have taken things too far and there is no recover. This can be a very scary thought…I know it is for me.

I found that personally, it is actually easier to find reasons why solutions will not work than find solutions that would work for major issues. For example, when talking about something as serious as population growth, there are many different solutions like birth control for free, more sex education, and even something as severe as making families limited to a number of children. These solutions are hard to please many people because it may conflict with religious beliefs, it could be a money issue on funding such classes, it could cause an uproar on the matter of life or death, and so many other problems that could come from just one simple solution that’s really not so simple at all.

Another idea that really got me to think was about how long ago did these wicked problems start to occur. Then I started thinking about that and after reading the story over The Lessons of Easter Island really helped me gain an understanding of a time frame. I knew from prior knowledge that other island and communities end up failing and dying off, but I did not know about this island specifically. Learning about the start, middle, and ending of the island way a great little time line for how sever problems like growth population, deforestation, and others can happen in such short time. These problems for me really seems like all problems humans made in trial and error and natural ignorance. With the selfishness of human nature and the strong desire to strive can really fog up the human mind for consequences that are to follow. This is a problem that happens to everyone and can be for wicked problems, but even small problems.

I find the idea of human error being the major reason for a majority of wicked problems. I find this is why they can not have such simple solutions because we have messed up and taken it too far to be able to come back from. We get the impatience that fogs our thoughts and leads to steps in hopes of making living on earth easy, but we don’t realize we are slowly destroying the environment to a point of no return. The environment is the only think keeping us alive and we need to think more about that and less about what is easy.

One quote I really found so true is one from Orison Swett Maden saying, “We make the world we live in and shape our own environment”. I really like this because it is so accurate that our actions are shaping the environment but a major problem with that is we shouldn’t be trying to shape the environment, We should let the environment shape our way of living.

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