Can You Concentrate

This week in class I realized how simple changes and mindfulness activities can drastically change certain aspects of one’s life. Coming into this week I never realized how simply meditation can actually create someone to become more empathetic and compassionate. However, this concept of becoming more empathetic and compassionate makes sense, because mindfulness practices such as mediation allows one to become one with that they are feeling and really explore those feelings. However, mediation does not also bring the best feeling, because it does allow one to feel more in touch with themselves, it can bring focus to a pain in one’s body. This article also mentioned how people who use mindfulness practices have shown to be more proactive and consider sustainable choices in their everyday life. On the flip side, this article also talks about people who are more consumed in materialistic aspects of their life tend to make negative decisions. I for one would have never even thought this would be possible, but I know for myself thinking about to life experiences when I take time out of my day and reflect in peace about my day, I tend to be happier and am more conscious of decisions I am making. Incorporating mindfulness practices into your life has four main benefits of being less unhappy and being more engaged, Which I think makes total sense because in that moment of mediations I feel so present, especially afterwards. Secondly, it increases compassion and empathy. Thirdly, it allows one to reevaluate their values and really consider what it important. Personally, I have only been in this class for two weeks and after learning and experiencing the mindfulness exercise I consider the actions I made on a daily basis more and more, such as when I am showering or handwashing dishes. I am more aware and observant of the actions I make and has changed the way I view certain subjects, which in turn reiterates my values and beliefs. Lastly, the article mentions the hedonic treadmill, which is basically about how people who are basically power and money hunger, but goes back to the materialistic views. I believe that this is such a great age to begin mindful practices and become in touch with ones’ values and beliefs, especially for me.

Later the topic of globalization and consumerism was brought to my attention. I can honestly say I am not sure what side or if either of them I would take. Due to sustainability being such a new topic being brought to my attention I believe I would have to do my own personal research and look and both sides of the argument. Both globalization and consumerism bring up good points on both sides, but as of now I do not agree entirely with either. With globalization I believe that ignorance is bliss, but I also believe third world countries should have the same opportunity and ability to grow and industrialize like America. However, another student brought up how the world would be able to survive if other countries were as industrialized as America, making the same mistakes. With consumerism, people always wanting more, because there is always something newer and better being created. There is always a constant need and want for the best new innovation and when the article states that it would be like taking air away from the people, I completely agree. People have become so dependent to technology that someone people would refuse to even consider regressing and stop the use of certain things. Paradigms also ties into these two subjects because this is beliefs that people may strongly hold. Paradigms are kind of like standers and how people believe and view things should be. We all have one and we all believe it is the correct way things should be. I thought a good representation was the ice berg and the stages of surface level events, patterns, structures, and paradigms. Ice berg from the surface level do not look like there would be must to them under the surface, but when one takes a step back and actually analysis the situation there is much more depth.

I believe moving forward I want to try and fully understand topics such as globalization and consumerism and be able to take a side confidently. To be able to achieve this I believe meditation and other mindful practices will allow me to be able to achieve this and will help me gradually become more sustainable in the choses I make on a daily basis. I believe mindful practices should be brought to the attention of other students, because it helps destress and allow one to be able to concentrate on certain things, positive or negative.


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