Wicked Sustainability Problems and Collapse

After the first Wicked Problems of Industrial Practice class, I was shocked at the amount of challenging and complex problems we have in the world. I was made aware of climate change and recycling at a young age, but I did not think about the other wicked problems the world faces such as social issues as well. While learning about environmental problems back in the fifth grade, I remember I was so scared about the world ending or blowing up that I could no longer enjoy the Fourth of July due to all the pollution from the fireworks and I felt like simple transportation such as riding a car or bus to school was super risky because of the fumes creating pollution as well. Not going to lie, starting this class Monday brought back a lot of those terrifying feelings I had. I remember in class, some thought that recycling and global awareness was not as big of a deal to them most likely because they will pass away by the time any serious problems take place on the Earth. I, on the other hand, get freaked out when wicked or “uncontrollable” problems such as these occur. I try to do my best to recycle anything that can be recycled and I also try to cut back on the driving. The world ending, which is a drastic thought, is terrifying to me and anything I can do to sustain the environment in which we live in now, makes me far less anxious.

After watching The 11th Hour, I realized all the other wicked problems that we are faced with. These problems including: deforestation, mass species extinction, and the depletion of the oceans’ habitats. While I was aware of these problems in the back of my head, they weren’t problems that scared me like climate change; mainly because I was not educated as thoroughly on the issues. However, the movie hit me hard with the issues and made me feel sick to my stomach when leaving the classroom at the end of class. I used to think it was crazy that some or actually many people did not see the importance of recycling or saving fossil fuels, but it occurred to me that many of them probably just aren’t educated on the matter. If the government stepped in and made it mandatory that every human being living in America learn about these issues, I really feel that there would be some sort of improvement or reaction to at least sustain the environment we live in now.

The Easter Island reading was another shocking read to me. I felt like it was a good example of what is happening on the planet currently. It was crazy to me that the people, who lived on such a tiny island, but with a rise in population also used up the recourses they had in a short amount of time. It proved to me that this was something that humans are good at and I also thought that maybe this is what we were put on this Earth to do. As silly as it sounds, I really believe that. I mean, the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event was caused due to either a meteor or comet, what if we die off due to such a drastic environmental impact caused by ourselves? These wicked issues are leading to our own demise and to the creation of another epic species most likely. I hope that people can realize the negative impacts we are doing to this wonderful planet of ours because it would lift off a lot of stress from my shoulders. This past first week of class has really opened up my eyes even more to the problems we face in the world and I am excited to learn more.

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