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Week 6 of class we learned more about biophilic designs and how it’s important to sue nature as a guide for life. Biophilia hypothesis suggest that humans have a tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. It is important that people get reconnected with nature in order to become more sustainable. We also talked about the different kinds of connections and patterns a person can make with nature and how it can improve our sense of well being. We reflected on sustainability practices within our major field. The merchandising reading was about how companies need to start taking a greener approach in their industry. I think that this is a idea because the merchandising industry has a hug impact of the way people purchase products. The reading focused on the effect that a store can have on its customers and how that can relate to shopping habits. If the atmosphere in the store is more welcoming and sustainable then I believe that it will rub of on its customers and they to will become greener shoppers. The ted talk by Elora Hardy was very interesting. I enjoyed hearing about how she used bamboo to create so many sustainable architecture projects. She talked bout how bamboo is one promised sustainable material that will never run out and that it will last a life time. I like her whole concept of building a  inspirational design from earths natural from. It’s important for people to seek natures advice before creating designs. I admired her attentiveness to each design that she creates. They are assured to last a lifetime because she takes the time to ask the bamboo what it wants to become before she starts her project. The video about the edible spoons in India was great. The spoons were created as way to decrease waste within the country. The spoons last up to three years and they are made with many nutritious nutrients so that after use they can be eaten, or thrown away because they are biodegradable. I though this was a pretty cool idea that you can eat you spoon once your done. I feel like a lot of companies need to start thinking this innovative when it comes to products that can help save the environment.

Biophilia is the love of life and everything in it. Three patterns that I think reflect me are visual connection with natural, material connection with nature, and non-visual connection with nature. The visual connection with nature is a view to element s of nature, living systems, and natural process. When it a pretty day I love going for walks outside, i just feel more at peace being around nature. The material connection with nature is the material elements from nature that through minimal processing reflect the local ecology or geology to create a distinct sense of place. I like when I go into a place it has plant every where it makes me feel like I’m walking through a forest. The non visual connection with nature is the auditory, haptic, olfactory, or gustatory stimuli that engender a deliberate and positive reference to nature, living systems or natural processes. I like to think of the non visual connection as watching a paradise movie it’s like your there but no there in a sense. Biophilia designs can help the would to become more sustained because you are becoming more aware of your surrounding and nature becomes more of a propriety to protect.

Eco design is an approach to designing products with special consideration for the environmental impacts of the products during its life cycle. Two of the Ted 10 principles the I found to be interesting were design to reduce the need to consume and design activism. Design to reduce the need to consume again is the strategy that designers to make products that will last.  Designing and producing products that will adapt and change with age. In design activism is encourage people to leave behind the product and work creatively with the consumer and society. It’s about designing events and communication strategies that will help to increase customer knowledge about the environment and social impact of fashion and textiles.

This is the sketch that my learning community  and I came up with. The sustainable design that we came up with was to create a garden here on campus. The garden would  include an app where you can monitor the garden and see how its doing. The garden area would be composed of meditation area where students could relax and enjoy the great outdoor and the beautiful garden scenery. We thought that the food that we grow in the garden could be used for the food here on campus it could be a more organic food option for students and help to reduce food toxic and eliminate waste.


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