Mindfulness is my Paradigm

Mindfulness is not something I heard of until this week. I have constantly heard of being aware of your surrounding but not using mindfulness to be aware of yourself. I am the type of person who over thinks until I make myself crazy so I really enjoyed learning about the different ways of mindful meditation. The one that helped me was when we focused only on our senses. When we did that I was able to be calm and focus on myself instead of my worries. I don’t think that is something I will do on a daily basis but I will start adding it in my life for when I am stressed. There is something that I never realized I did until she mentioned it; she talked about a study where people have pains and they focus on things to make that pain go away and it helps. I have had stomach issues for as long as I can remember and something I always do whenever it gets is bad is I slowly breath in through my nose and out of my mouth which ends up helping the pain subside.

The one thing that personally did not help me was envision the loved one and eventually imagining saying the encouraging things to myself. I do struggle with things within myself but I am a Christian and spend every morning reading devotionals and Bible verses so for me that helps more with my struggles. I do believe awareness helps with positivity because it is so easy to push back feelings and only focus on what we need to do next instead of what we are doing at that moment. We live in such a fast paced culture to the point that we don’t even notice things going on in the world or in ourselves. People tend to strive to be more successful because they think life will be better once they are.

Another thing I found interesting were paradigms. This is a word I have never heard before but is relevant in everyday life and what I believe. The debating articles read were all both just peoples paradigms. I read the yes article but I stood in between the yes and no when it came to what I believed. People not being aware of sustainability is and issue and I believe it should be taught in school but even then you cannot force everyone to agree with what are issues in the world. This comes down to paradigms. Parents have influences on what their kids are to learn and believe; only when a child grows up are they able to choose their on beliefs more easily but what they grew up hearing does have influence. For example, my parents are Christians so I was raised in a Godly home with Godly beliefs. I even went to a Christian school but it was not until I was older that I realized being a Christian was what I wanted for myself. If we were to teach kids about wicked problems when they are young, then they may be able to decide what is important to them and come up with ideas on how to fix it.


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