A Forward Focus

I found myself, this week in class, really challenging myself to think differently and look at different perspectives. I felt like this week we as a class really put wicked problems into action through the mindfulness and love & kindness meditations. It definitely altered my outlook on life and I think it’s a great thing to practice.

Through this mindfulness meditation I think I was a little confused at the goal of it at first. I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to achieve and felt kind of silly doing it. However, when the class was asked to focus in on certain things like our taste, smell, and sound I begin to realize this was just a simple exercise to get our minds to focus on one thing that we don’t usually focus on, on a day to day bases. I think that’s the whole point of being mindful thinkers. It’s being able to focus in on things that don’t usually get the attention it deserves. For example, I think a way I can be a more mindful thinker is by being more aware of the emotions that the people I am close with feel. A lot of the time I am usually selfish and only thinking about my own needs but if I am being more mindful I can focus in on the needs of my friends and understand their feelings so I can then better the situation. I think this is something that takes a lot of discipline and time to achieve but it can most definitely be rewarding. One thing I think mindfulness practice does is helps keep our mindsets on living sustainable lives. I feel like if we are better able to understand certain things and be more mindful of our environment it will help create new ideas for sustainable living. Awareness is a big part of this too. Getting people to understand why these practices need to be implemented and giving them good reasons to want to better the future is key. If we start focusing in on what is happening in the here and now than I believe that will help create a better here and now in the future.

Another thing I felt was heavy on my heart after this weeks class was the love and kindness meditation. We didn’t spend as much time on it as the mindfulness one but I feel like this is just as important if not more. In this exercise a lot of it was just picturing people we cared about and giving them reassurance. We were then asked to think of ourselves and give ourselves reassurance. I noticed how some people after the meditation was over said it was hard from them to give themselves reassurance verses someone else they cared about. However, I found them both ease to do and I think that’s because I am a very confident person and love myself. I think this practice was a good way to get your mind thinking of small ways to show love and kindness. After it was over I felt very relaxed and more aware of kind words and people showing love.

I think things like these meditations are a step in the right direction in creating peace and unity for our world. The more people that have their mindset on the betterment of others and just problems in general will help create a more sustainable way of life and in turn will help save things like the environment and other worldly issues. I believe if we begin to make these types of things more aware and easily accessible to the public then our world will begin to shape into something worth living in.


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