Focusing on Myself for a Change

This week in class, we focused on mindfulness. When we were introduced to the presentation of mindfulness, I was thinking about different ways I have involved myself in mindful practice. I noticed that I have never really taken the time to just sit and clear my head. I have always focused on other people’s thoughts and feelings instead of my own. The only form of mindful practice I could think of would be through music. Music is a huge passion of mine. I have learned to play the piano and guitar for several years. Since I have been at college, I have noticed I strayed away from taking the time to play these instruments. I feel like if I get back into this hobby, it would help to clear the constant stress I deal with. When we conducted the exercise of meditation, it was difficult to keep my mind from wandering in other thoughts. I eventually kept it under control and continued with the exercise. Overall, it was very enjoyable. I felt recharged after it was completed. My head did feel slightly dizzy afterwards though. I would definitely try this process in the future and also recommend it to someone else.

The debate we conducted was very eye opening. There were times when I felt myself agreeing with the “yes” side, even though I was on the “no” side. Some solutions to their given problem seemed like they could work, but there were also some flaws within them. Our problems and solutions to consumer behaviors were also conflicted. We had a solution about making private consumption public. We stated this idea would work for things like transportation and parks. The idea would not work on all material things though. The “yes” side stated not everyone would agree with the idea of “sharing” everything and conflict would arise. There was another idea about removing products harmful to our well-beings. Once again, not everyone would agree with this idea and more conflict would arise. There will always be issues in our world and everyone will have different views about them. The only way we can truly make a difference in this world is if we come to an agreement and work together. Our society is too engrossed with always having to be right that the idea of working together is less likely to ever happen.

I want to take these ideas I have learned this week and apply them to my own way of living. I want to be able to take the time to really listen to the world around me instead of stressing about different things. I also want to learn to be more open to other people’s opinions and less focused on mine. I feel like these practices will help me in my future endeavors by becoming more of a team player and also taking time for myself to really clear my head.

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