Good For The Soul

The main topic that we focused on in class this week was meditation. I, myself, have never done meditation before this class but it is something that has caught my attention and I have wondered about the good effects that come with doing it. While practicing meditation in class as a group I still felt as if I was in a space all by myself. Taking a moment to close my eyes and listen to the things that were going on around me was something that made me feel relaxed. All of the things that I had been worried about all day and all of the things that I had to get done were pushed to the side and I was just in the present. Often times when I am going through life and week after week of work combined with classes and homework I get stressed and I have to remember to keep calm. With practicing meditation, you learn to keep yourself in the present moment. Although it is something that you need to make time for and practice to get the full benefit out of, it is something that I would like to continue trying to do in my life. I think that meditation is something that anyone and everyone can benefit from. This goes along with last week in the way that we are used to living such fast pace lives and they are only getting faster. Mediation would help us to bring it back in and be mindful about not only the things happening around us but also the things that are happening within us.

The one mediation that was more difficult for me to take on was the love and kindness meditation. When told to think of someone who we care about very much and always brings joy to our lives I thought about my younger cousin. He is 4 and is one of the most precious little boys, always happy and very smart for his age. We were told to picture them in front of us and to send them love and to wish them well. This made me feel good to do this but it also made me feel a little sad thinking about how he doesn’t live here so I do not get to see him whenever I want. Doing this exercise made me think about how much I do miss being able to spend time with him. The second part of this meditation was to focus on yourself and then send love to yourself and wish yourself well. This part wasn’t as easy for me. It felt a little odd at first and made me realize the difference between wishing well for someone else and wishing well for yourself. It is important to wish well for yourself but it is not always easy, as I realized when I tried to do this. Loving yourself is something that is beneficial for everyone because this can boost yourself esteem and give your more confidence in yourself.

After talking about the two different sides of western values in sustainability and the two different views of whether they are right or wrong, the main thing that caught my attention is talking about the point of materialism. I feel that this is one of the problems that we face in today’s day and age. Always wanting the net upgrade or the next “best thing” almost to the point where it turns from something that you want to something you feel you need. People feel that they have to own their own set of everything. The example of tools made me realize that there are so many objects and things that we all can share compared to everyone owning their own. I think that the more people share the closer they get with others and that would be good for people now. Everyone is so caught up in their phones or other technologies that we don’t communicate with others as much as we should. Not being able to have our phones during the hours of class time is a nice way to disconnect and to be reminded that you don’t need to be on your phone 24/7 and it helps us all to be in the moment without distractions. This disconnection and communication between people can help us to realize these wicked problems that we face in the world every day and be more mindful of them.

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