The Changing World In My Paradigm

By:Courtney Unruh

My Week

My week has been about coming to terms with what I need to do to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle and how my views need to be maintained to preserve that. I feel like I’m in the middle of finding a motivation. As well as looking at making it my personal mission to overcome a childhood fear that I don’t want to continue on. Therefore my resolution for my own good is to go to the dentist as in the past I was a culprit of coercion and ever since then haven’t been able to go while conscious.


Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness to me is about taking a moment and to me relates to the painting movement of Impressionism was about taking in the moments of daily life. For me mindfulness is necessary to keep balance in my life because otherwise I get so caught up with what happened in the past I feel as though I can’t move on with my life. In fact a turning point for my stress and anxiety was understanding that everyone is thinking and worrying about themselves more than their worried about one thing that you did wrong or didn’t agree with beliefs or values in some way, shape, or form.

Meditation is something that I have been using back and forth over the last year. During the summer I would go outside and sit for up to thirty minutes in meditation to keep my anxiety under control. My personal anxiety is something I have been battling my whole life. With the anxiety has come fear as well as a set of anxiety filled habits, such as pulling hair out, excessively washing my hands, as well as biting my nails (thank god I eventual grew out of all of these). I look to other daily practices now to keep me sane and they work as good relaxation techniques of yoga, working out, sketching before bed, and taking warm baths (gotta get those lush products) Yet something I found as a take away from this week was that I can actually go online and listen and take part in a meditation like love and kindness. Something I probably have been told in the past or was suppose to inherently now, but haven’t truly taken advantage of


Paradigms and Being an Outlier in my Family

I am a Feminist Democrat with very high Socialist beliefs, yet I come from a family of Republicans (trust me it makes for an either awkward dinner talk or full on I could cut you with this butter knife if this conversation doesn’t end kind of situation). Growing up I always saw things differently than my parents in the political sense and in how I see the world in general. I also want to disclose that I love my parents and I wouldn’t change the way they taught me about the world, because overall they let me shape my views even if they didn’t fully agree with them. Letting me explain my views even if they had to keep me and them on a short leash (although I don’t suggest starting controversial fights while living in the same house as a good idea or plan of attack). Although I think it’s hilarious that my next door neighbors own a democrat news paper, which for me gave me a good set of people to look up. They were good role models as they were able to share their opinions with friends, but never forced it down anyone’s throat (also it was nice to see a giant signed poster of Barack Obama on their wall and know that it was okay to not hate him). In addition I am a vegetarian in a house full of meat eating monster. In fact my entire extended family are farmers who slaughter their own meat (cringe). One of my favorite ways to describe myself is a quote from the show Gilmore Girls, “ I’m a liberal, with a touch of reform, and a smidgen of zippity pow.” In my family they say that I’m the crazy one and when I disagree they remind me that the crazy one is someone who can’t decide who else is the crazy one so I guess they aren’t wrong. To me the world is a place for life to flourish and we should try to provide as equal opportunities as possible something that labeled me the bleeding heart in my american government class. My paradigm colors my views very differently from my family and those around me as my values are more of that of a citite than that of a southern bible belt values. Personally I think growing up and looking to art and girl scouts made a huge difference in my views from my parents as it made me look to social lives of people around me and how government was apart of the problem and the solution. In fact in girl scouts I was exposed to homeless children who I saw needing the government to step in and give them assistance and opportunities. In addition I think my life experience shaped my views because education has always been something that ran my life, I felt that learning was more important than absolutely anything else(which at the time probably constituted why I shouldn’t have to clean my room)

In addition I think that mindfulness plays a part in this as not everyone’s values are going to be the same as mine or vice versa. One of the things I find important in this situation is to keep in mind is if you’re trying to get your point across and the other person isn’t allowing you to be heard than their is no reason to keep on trying to find a center ground because people’s moral values and personal beliefs are almost impossible to influence or change the best thing to do is to just agree with them, walk away, or agree to disagree instead of wasting the emotional energy.



Millennials are the worst culprit of today’s globalization crisis as are first instinct when we need something is to order it from amazon who doesn’t have biodegradable packaging.

One of the things we talked about when it came to the articles was sharing of public resource something I feel is only necessary with certain tasks such as with libraries and public transportations. As it can end up giving too much power to the government over what we have in our possession and strips away the consumer and trade savvy people that the world has created. I think this type of sharing economy would cause towns and people to fight like children who are forced to share their toys. In addition it also reminds me of the show parks and recreation when the town of pawnee and the town of eagleton fight over the union they are forced to have and that they have to share a park.

One of the most important takeaways I had from the article was that trade in incredibly necessary as we can produce every resource we want in need in the perfect environment because regionally everywhere has different abilities. Therefore to maintain a sustainable economy we need trade as an ally. In fact I believe that if trade stops we would have another battle on are hands as we would be starting another prohibition or whiskey rebellion. No matter how you look at it without trade underground trade would emerge as it has happened in the past in every one of the crisis and it still happens with illegal drugs to this day. Today the fashion industry is looking to trade of fabrics in wonder of how the new trade embargo will affect it as fabric mills in the US are basically obsolete


How To Look At A Wicked Problem

I find the analogy of the iceberg from class inspiring as it relates to the way the american writer Ernest Hemingway wrote his work. He wrote only enough to say the main points, choosing to let the the symbolism and implied ideas speak for itself. Which is similar to how a wicked problem is perceived, as you can only see what is on the surface, yet the future and the things that are affected and affecting are underneath.

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