Unplugging from the world..

Week two was learning about to meaning of mindfulness, learning the trade of meditation, paradigm and continued talking about sustainability. Mindfulness has more definitions and meanings than I thought, the overall view is that being mindful is to ultimately be aware. Our reading on mindfulness expressed ways such as practicing meditation. Meditating involves retraining of awareness and non-reactivity which leads us to defuse the situation, the purpose is to pay attention to one’s whole experience in the moment. This week we have been practicing unplugging ourselves from the world and living and thinking in the moment, although my mind wonders constantly I took this time as a me moment and embraced it with an open mind.

Our reading for Wednesday, we were divided into yes or no to discuss the views on sustainability, I was on the no team. The articles ultimate topic was about paradigms, which means it’s a collective mental mode made up of our values, beliefs and assumptions. it is basically a lens which we perceive the world. The no side of the argument suggested that if we intentionally shift the cultural paradigm where the norms encourage just enough consumption to satisfy human well-being while directing people to practice helping out to restore our planet. After researching and I wasn’t sure what my paradigm was until I stopped and actually thought deep and hard. I grew up with divorced parents, both sides of my family are very different when it comes to personalities, therefore I feel as if I have a good mixture/perspective on life. One thing I was taught was to always have respect, morals and values no matter the situation. I more than the rest of my family, have taught myself to look at life in the moment, I do see and understand what is happening to the world around us but I am a firm believer that we have to fix what is in the moment rather than focusing so much on the future. I would like to say that I am an environmentalist, but the more we discover wicked problems and the way it affects us as a whole the more it pushes me to think twice.

This past week has allowed me to let my mind wonder and embrace its ideas. With more practice I think I will continue the practice of meditation and unplugging myself from the craziness outside.

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