We Should Be More Mindfull

This week was a new experience for me and a real eye opener. I have never done a mindfulness meditation, it just never seemed like something I would like. I had a difficult time understanding the concept of mindfulness at first, I felt like I was aware of my surroundings but mindfulness is more than that. It is being fully and having an understanding of your surroundings, with more understanding of the definition I realized that mindfulness is something that I lack many times. I always have my mind going everywhere and I catch myself overthinking situations a lot more than I should. This is something that I know I need to work on because I seem to get anxious and nervous more than I should be. Being in college, I feel as this is something that many students go through because we are getting ready to enter the “real world” and start our careers while we have millions of other things to juggle all at once. Many of us seem to overthink our futures and it leads to a lot of stress, there has even been situations when students drop out because it has been to much too handle. I know I stress about the little things and overthink it, like when I make a “c” on an exam I don’t stop thinking about it for weeks and wonder if I can even pass the class with the grade I want, when instead I should just stop putting those negative thoughts and start preparing myself better for the next exam. When the problem was put on the board to solve during the workshop, I felt a lot of anxiety because I felt like I could never figure out the problem. It was actually really simple but I kept thinking about all the unnecessary information and misspelled words in the problem and could not put myself to focus on the only thing that was important. I could relate that problem to how I see many problems I have faced, and it made me realize that I need to stop overcomplicating my problems. Doing the mindfulness practice was difficult for me at first because it is something that I was never interested in, after a couple of minutes of doing it, I really enjoyed it and felt at peace. Getting into the routine of it will take me a while, but it something I really want to make a part of my life and I have been trying to do it every other day since our workshop. It is something I want to do because I know that it will help me a lot in all aspects of my life, especially the relationships I have with people. I know that it will also be important when I start my career because it could help me better at what I do and lead me to greater opportunities.

The consumerism debate was very eye opening to me as well. I had never really put thought about it until this class. It is crazy to me to think about how people put their wants before their needs, but consumerism also drives the economy. I could see sides of both of the debates and I felt very conflicted. I do feel as if society is very needy know than compared to the past, we also want things instant and fast. I see that as a problem because our country is very privileged and we seem to take that for granted at times. As someone who will be entering the business industry I also see it as a positive thing because it can help with more jobs. It is something that will always be debated, but I really think that it is important in our country’s economy. I can mindfulness being a part of this because if we are more mindful maybe we won’t want the things we do not need or the things that would make us “fit in.”

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