One of the readings I read for class involved instore greenery and how it effects the shopping atmosphere. In the article, they talked about how the environment of the store changes when plants are involved. They did studies that show if plants are in a store they can reduce stress and make the customers relaxed. Studies also showed that shoppers prefer to shop in a plant oriented atmosphere than a regular setting. I thought the article was very interesting because I haven’t ever thought of the impacts in store greenery has on the consumer and their buying decisions.
We watched two videos during class and one of the ted talks was about bamboo. It was about a house that is built of bamboo, every piece of the house in the trees is made of bamboo. She talked about the impacts using bamboo has on the environment and sustainability and I thought it was neat to see how strong bamboo is. The other video was about how in India they use edible spoons; they are using other resources they have to be sustainable. I thought these two videos had a lot in common, they both talked about how if we use our resources we already have then it can help our environment. They both used resources to created new thing or to replace something else.
Biophilia is the connection one has to nature and how the humankind is effected by nature. There are different patterns for biophilic design. The presence of water is a pattern that is known to reduce stress and lower your heart rate. Another pattern is, visual connection with nature which is known to improve mental engagement and lower heart rate as well. Non-visual connection with nature is known to reduce blood pressure and impact cognitive performance. There are many benefits to biophilic design, it can improve one’s happiness, mental and physical health. We also talked about Eco design which is an approach to designing products that are environmentally friendly. One of the principles are design for cyclability which means you can use the product over and over without damaging value. Design to minimize waste is another principle that is for reducing waste like plastic. It is focused around recycling and using your resources.

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