Last week’s reading about the in-store greenery was actually very eye opening for me. I never thought about how store could use greenery as a way to effect peoples attitude and behaviors while shopping. To me this makes a lot of sense though because nature can be relaxing to people in so many ways whether it be going for a drive and taking in the scenery(one of my favorite things to do) or going for a nice nature walk it just has a way of de-stressing you and making you feel better in general. We also discussed how retail environments seem  to be more pleasing when their outside environment also had greenery( trees, bushes etc)  rather than without. You also mentioned that having greenery in the store can help the air in general which I found interesting.

We watched a TED talk by Elora Hardy who makes house out of bamboo and it was one of the most amazing and interesting things that I have ever watched. I would of never thought of using bamboo to build a house nor did I know that it potentially last a lifetime. She mentioned how up until recently bamboo couldn’t protect from insects but now when treated borax its perfectly fine to use. The funniest part of the video was when she mentioned that they hadn’t worked the acoustics out yet for the restroom.

Something else I learned and that still shocks me is the amount of plastic waste from plastic-ware alone. It’s crazy how because it’s so convenient I never thought about what happens to it once I throw it in the trash. Which is why this company in India called Bakey’s  we learned about that makes edible spoons from rice and wheat is such an innovative and necessary idea that I excited to know about. The spoons are a substitute for traditional  plastic spoons, that contain  chemicals  that are not good for us and aren’t biodegradable.  Unlike what we’re use to these edible spoons are biodegradable and  come in a variety of flavors.

Biophilia is another subject we touched on and talks about the connection with nature and hoe it effects us. Two patterns that were mentioned  and  stood out to me were one Mystery which is all about the promise of more info being achieved by partially obscured views or other senses that make you want to explore deeper into the environment. According to the reading this pattern is based upon the fact that people have the basic need to understand and explore. Some of the benefits are heightened curiosity and increased interest for gaining more knowledge. Another one that I identify with like a lot of my classmates is presence of water whether it be the sound of water(hearing rain)  feeling of water (taking a bath)or just looking at it ( sitting by the ocean) it’s always so calming and relaxing. Which is understandable because this pattern is known to reduce stress and heart rate.

Eco-designing and designing for cyclability are another major subject discussed, Eco design which is basically designing with the environment and the life cycle of a products in mind. With an end goal of not ending up in a dup or landfill. Finding ways to reuse and recycle things are important.

My sketch has to to with the pattern of mystery because its the one I found the most interesting.


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