Blog 5

I read the article over in-store greenery. I think the article was pretty interesting just because I never have really thought about the impact that plants in stores have. In the article they talk about how plants being in stores effect costumer’s and worker’s moods, and make the atmosphere of the store less stressful and overwhelming. Personally, I have never noticed the effect of plants being in stores but I also really love shopping and maybe that has something to do with that. Although I have never noticed plants in stores really, I have noticed the effect plants have in coffee shops. There is a coffee shop in downtown Oklahoma City that has a plant shop on the inside of it and that is one of my favorite places to go. After reading this article I started thinking about that coffee shop and how relaxing it is and how the plants could play a really big role in how peaceful their atmosphere is. I love plants and I have multiple plants in my room, so I hope they create the type of atmosphere that they claim in this article.

After watching the TED talk abut bamboo my mind was blown. I thought the houses that they showed us where absolutely gorgeous and I love how open they were. The idea that I like most about building with bamboo is that the houses and buildings where so in nature because they were so open and built in areas with high forestry. Along with that, the one downfall I see with this is that the buildings are so open that they couldn’t be built in cities or neighborhoods for safety reasons. I would love to vacation in one of the bamboo houses but I don’t think I would want to live in one as my actual house. Another idea that we talked about this week was the edible spoons. Edible spoons are a very cool idea and I have honestly talked about that idea with my friends but never seriously. I am a very very picky eater and I do not stray out of my comfort zone when it comes to trying new foods because I do not like a lot of foods and flavors. I would be open to trying the edible spoon but I think I would be nervous about it. The idea of edible spoons is extremely smart because the use of spoons now is either plastic which get thrown away, or metal which have to be washed after every use, wasting water. Even though I might not eat the edible spoons because I don’t like the taste, I could either decompose them or feed them to an animal. Edible spoons could change the sustainability game but they need to become apart of the average household first.

After learning about biophilia, the simple definition for it, to me is the love of the environment and living systems. The pattern I like the most is Thermal and Airflow Variability. I am obsessed with being outside when it is good weather. I always have the windows open in my room and I would much rather have the windows down in my car than use air-conditioning. I also really connected with the Visual Connection with Nature, which is a view to elements of nature. One of my favorite things to do is sit on the Zeta porch and do homework because I love how beautiful our porch is. Another biophilic pattern I liked a lot was the presence of water. I love going to the lake and the beach. My family goes to our house at Gulf Shores every year and my favorite thing to do is lay by the ocean at night and listen to the waves because it is so relaxing. Some obvious benefits of biophilia is that it helps us be more connected to nature. When we become more connected to nature we learn to appreciate it more and we would stop taking advantage of the environment.

Eco-design is basically just designing with the environment in mind. The two of the 10 TED principles I liked the most was design to reduce the need to consume and design for cyclabilitiy. Design to reduce is being consciously aware of the materials you are using to design something. So many things we use and throw away end up in a landfill. I really like this concept because it could help solve the problem of excessive waste. When design, if you make sure every thing your using to make the material is made up out of things that can either be used or recycled. We can reduce waste and even extend the life of certain materials if we utilize the concept of designing for cyclabilitiy. The other principle was design to reduce the need to consume. I really liked this one because I think our society has a huge problem of over consumption. I connected with this principle because I definitely over consume when it comes to clothing and shoes. I love shopping and I love buying new things but I have never been aware of how much that effects our environment until now. I do not know if I will be able to fix my shopping addition but I think that it already helps that I now aware, by over consuming, I am hurting the environment.

This is a sketch of a repurposed dresser. The dresser was stripped of the paint originally on it. It has been repainted and sanded down to give it a vintage look. All of the nobs on the drawers are different because all of the nobs have been taken from other old furniture. This is sustainable because instead of the old dresser being thrown out and ending up in a landfill, it is being re-used, extending its life.img_1762

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