Blog 5

Blog 5

The reading talked about how greenery in the store changes how the consumer feels when shopping. I agree that greenery in the stores makes customers happy. Greenery in-stores makes customers more calm and relaxed. It also makes the consumer excited. Greenery is pleasing for customers to look at. I believe that more stores should include greenery to help make the shopping experience more pleasant than it currently is. I hate shopping and get very stressed when I have to go into stores. However, it is a bit more tolerable when a store has live greenery in the store.

Bamboo has been used to make furniture and hardwood floors for a long time. I have never been a fan of the look of bamboo. However, once I watched the TED talk about bamboo it made me look at it in a different way. I did not know that bamboo grew so quickly and was so sturdy to build an entire building out of. I really liked the way that they used the bamboo in its natural form with each of the curves to make the building stronger. I think that bamboo should be used more as an alternative wood because it can grow more rapidly and make it a better sustainable resource.

The amount of plastic cutlery that is thrown away in just India is ridiculous. I do not understand why no one came up with this or any solution until now. I think that what he came up with and that a spoon is sturdy to withstand the broth of a hot soup and not become soggy. The fact that it is not just a naturally biodegradable cutlery, but it also gives substance to the consumer. I also liked that the cutlery has a shelf life of three years allowing people to buy in bulk and not have to worry about it going bad. I wonder though why the edible spoons have not come to other countries like America. I also wonder how people in America would react to the edible cutlery.

Biophilia is the connection of humans and living systems. It is about humans taking nature and bringing it into the human world. There should not be two worlds, the human world and the nature world. They should be combined and become one.

Out of the 14 patterns of biophilic design is number 5, presence of water, number 9, material connection with nature, and number 1, visual connection with nature. I love the sound of water and the presence of water in designs. It gives a peaceful and calming sensation. It helps me personally become less stressed and anxious. When I help design weddings it is becoming more popular to bring in natural elements inside to make the wedding space beautiful. I love when I get those people because it makes my job fun. For me number 9 runs together with 1. When being able to bring nature into design or designing around nature makes things more beautiful. For a wedding there is nothing more beautiful than having a natural backdrop of nature in your pictures and design.

Eco design is an approach to designing products with special consideration for the environmental impacts of the product during its whole lifecycle. There are a lot of people out there that just design something to make it pretty and to be what they want without giving a thought about what it means to the eco system. It is hard to think about how to design without hurting the eco system or to lessen the hurt to the environment. It takes more time to try to come up with an environmentally stable approach to design, but it can be worth it in the end. People should be willing to think outside of the box to make the environment a better place.

One of the ten principles that I like is number six, which is the design that looks at models from nature and history. The picture that Dr. Jayadus put with this principle was with greenery on the outside of the building. I think that using greenery with design makes the eco system better. The other design principle I liked was number two, which is design for cyclability. I personally use this principle in my life. I like taking different elements and turning them into something different and making them practical and used again. Just like in the picture of using a old suitcase and turning it into a chair. A lot of people look at antiques as an old item that should be thrown away. However, I think that people should look at antiques and find a way to repurpose it into something that they can use again.

There are many different rental shops for people to get linens, tables, plate, chairs, etc. However, there really are not any store that let you rent décor for the ceremony, reception, and tables. That means that couples are going out to buy the décor that they want, in large amounts, and then are stuck with it after the wedding. They do not know what to do with it and it ends up going to waste. However, if there was a place for people to rent décor it would give things a longer life, couples wouldn’t have to deal with it after the wedding, and it would cost less.


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