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As a Merchandising student I was very interested int he article about in-store greenery. I believe that this is a great idea because of all of the benefits it could bring to the environment of the stores. As a store associate, I can imagine having greenery in the store and I agree with the article that it would bring a more energetic and joyful atmosphere into the store not only for the customers but for the employees as well. The only downfall I could think of is that it would cause a little more work for me and my co workers to upkeep the plants but I feel like I would be okay with it because I love plants and gardening so I personally would not mind it at all. As for the TED talk on Bamboo, I absolutely love the idea of building with the material. It is natures perfect building material because it is constantly growing, it is extremely strong, it is recyclable and reusable and it is flexible and better for the environment than cutting down a tree and turning it into wood which destroys the tree completely and therefore does nothing for the environment but destroy it. I think it would be so cool just to experience what it is like to live in a bamboo house just to see if there is any noticeable differences than living in a house made of wood. Bringing up something that is reusable, who would have ever known that edible silverware would be an actual thing. The video showing us this was very intriguing to me. I can not help but wonder how it does not dissolve in soups and how it does not break when using it on harder foods. Also how would it make the food taste when you add the taste of the spoon? This is a very awesome idea to help decrease the amount of waste used on plastic silverware but it is not something I see myself using just because of the questions posed.

Biophilia is pretty much loving life and living things. Even though humans live in a technological world, we still have a connection to nature. we breathe the air from it, drink the water, swim in the water, we even still eat food from it. We will never be able to truly cut ourselves off from the natural world. We actually need it. Because of this there are many benefits of biophilic design, but I feel that the most important one to me is that it brings us closer to nature in some way. My favorite pattern of Biophilic design is Visual Connection with nature. As I said in class, I love sitting by a window because I just love seeing the outside world. It also makes me happier when I am stuck inside because I can see what it is like outside and if it is cold, I can still enjoy the beauty of nature and stay warm. The presence of water is another one that hits close to home with me because I love the lake and ocean. The best day for me is when I can lay on a boat or bank of a lake or in the sand of a beach. The sound of the water moving and the ability to see what it is doing is super relaxing to me. When I am indoors and there is a fountain somewhere, I love hearing the sound of waterfall and seeing the flow of the water moving because it is very calming and soothing to me. Mystery is another pattern that really catches my eye. I love being surprised and I also love walking down paths where everything on the sides of the trail are trees and flowers and anything that can cause me to not really see what is ahead of me. I go hiking in some woods down south when I got deer hunting and there is a trail that I love walking down because since it is in nature, there is always something new to see when I go down the trail. It is also super windy and there are times the trail is hard to see. When the park made the trail they did that on purpose i believe to make it more like what the woods naturally look like. The only indicator that you are still on the trail are markers every about 6 feet. This also makes for a good risk design because of the risk of going off trail but the safety of knowing that all you have to do is look for the markers and you are able to find your way around.

Another subject to touch on is Eco Design. this is when something is designed in a way that when it is built there is thought behind how it will impact the environment around it during it’s life cycle. Take the bamboo for instance. Wood is something that can be reused and even recycled, but it does not have a true benefit to the environment after the tree is cut down whereas the  bamboo will regrow and has many benefits for the environment during it’s life cycle in a building. One of the TED 10 principles that I see as something that I would actually like to look deeper into is the design for cleaner/better technologies. As I progress my research with my mannequin, this is something I am going to keep in mind and even research more in depth. Another principle is design to reduce the use of water and energy. Water and energy are things that we have come to take for granted because we have then right at our doorstep (or in our pipelines at home) for our luxury. I say luxury rather than need because we have gone beyond that because we now use more than we need sometimes. Like running the water while brushing our teeth when we can turn the water off when we do not need it and back on again when we do. This is just one of many examples of water waste and the same goes for energy use. I have seen people leave a room and leave the light on when no one is in that room and it is even daylight outside. I believe we should open a window during the day and use natural light to save energy and then turn on the lights at night only when we need them and then turn them off when you leave a room. This design concept though is something that helps with this problem.

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