Blog 5

The in-store greenery reading was interesting because it mentions that there are positive effects on human’s moods, attitudes, and behaviors. Some of the studies shown shoe that greeneries can reduce stress. I personally agree with this because anytime I see real vegetation or flowers it brings life around you. It’s something pretty and relaxing to look at. Also some research showed that retail environments were more pleasing when the streets had trees in them than when it was compared to streets without trees. I think with this information and research that we should be planting more trees throughout the retail environments to provide a more vegetated shopping experience.

Elora Hardy: Magical houses, made of bamboo. Bamboo has been used across tropical regions for thousands of years but not until recently have they been able to protect the bamboo from insects. When the bamboo is untreated it will weather or turn into dust. If you treat the bamboo properly like with Borax which is a natural salt, then then the bamboo structure will last a lifetime. I love the idea of using bamboo especially if it will last a lifetime. If we started using these ideas more across the US, we could have a more sustainable way of living.

Edible spoons in India is a great idea to make disposable cutlery to help fight the world-wide plastic waste. They are also supposed to taste delicious. I think if more companies took on this concept it could really make a difference. I also think they should do it with the take-out silverware and that could really help reduce the plastic waste around the world.

Biophilia is humans possessing a tendency to connect with nature and other forms of life.  Some of the patterns in biophilic design is the visual connection with nature, presence of water, and connection with natural systems. Visual connection with nature is a view to elements of nature so the preferred view would be a scene that includes shade trees, flowering plants and bodies of clean water. Presence of water is a condition that enhances the experience of a place through seeing, hearing or touching water. Water enhances the experience of a place so that it is soothing and enhances the mood. The connection with natural system is awareness of natural processes, especially seasonal and temporal changes characteristic of a healthy ecosystem. So, integrating rainwater into the design would create a connection with the natural ecosystem.

The Design for Cyclability is about upcycling, so you add value to an item instead of just throwing it away. I think that upcycling is a great idea for those in the fashion industry. There are a lot of wasted clothes and it would better our environment if we gave our old more value than just getting rid of it. The Design to Reduce Energy and Water Use is interesting to me because I do not think about how much water is used in each stage of the lifecycle of textiles. I like some of the ideas on dry pattern systems, air-dyeing, and technical coatings to reduce washing are all great ideas to help reduce water waste.


 For my sketch i decided to draw what I mentioned earlier about take-out places using the concept of edible silverware. 

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