Blog 5

In our learning communities we talked about the in-store greenery article. After discussing this in our learning communities our thoughts with the class. The plants that were placed into the bigger stores that were more complex gave the consumer a sense or relief or relaxation. If plants were placed in a store that did not have much going on and was not complex, it would not make a huge difference.

Elora Hardy talked about bamboo in her TED talk. She created buildings filled with furniture and everything in this village completely made from bamboo. She explained how fast bamboo grows compared to regular trees and how sturdy it is. It was very inspirational. We also talked about Bamboo India, which created the edible spoons. These gave a flavor to the food that they were eating. These spoons could take the place of the plastic ones, which are harmful to nature because they are not biodegradable. Bamboo India could make these spoons as cheap as regular plastic spoons too.

Biophilia is the merging of nature into design. A few of the biophilia design patterns I liked were: refuge, presence of water, and biomorphic forms and patterns. (Biophilic pattern #12) Refuge describes a space designed that feels safe. This space feels distinct from others around it. The next is presence of water. (Biophilic pattern #5) Presence of Water is the design that is very fluid. It enhances the experience of the designed place through the senses of there being water around. (Biophilic pattern #8) Biomorphic forms and patterns is a space designed feeling comfortable and captivating. This often refers to a patterned design that is drawn from nature, or a contoured pattern or textured design. Some benefits of biophilic design include sustainability and environmental thinking. It seems as if it promotes overall well being and higher thinking. It provides a form of happiness.

From the TED 10 principles, I liked the design six and eight. (Design 6) The first design looks at models from nature. This includes things like looking into the design of a burr that is stuck to a dog. From the burr, there was the idea of Velcro. From spider silk, because it is incredibly filled with strength, it is inspired to create Kevlar. (Design 8) In the second design, the design is used to reduce the need to consume. This design focused on making garments that last. This features customization or clothes that adapt over time.




My learning community and I talked about how we would like to make a change on campus. The way we chose to is by having farmers markets or greenhouses on campus that people can go through. This is similar to what a small tent from the farmers market would look like.









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