Is Your Mind in the Right Place?

This second week of class was, once again, very interesting to me. What really opened my mind was the mindfulness workshop. Going into this activity I was very close-minded. I did not think that sitting in silence with my eyes closed would put my mind at ease. But, I am very glad that I gave it a try. After the first couple of minutes, I caught my mind wondering off and stressing about assignments that needed to get done later that day or that week. I realized this and gently pulled my attention back into the present and it really relaxed me. After ten minutes of this activity I can honestly say that it helped with my anxiety. After class I decided to make it a goal to go to yoga more often and take time out of my day to do the same mindfulness activity we had done in class. So far I have gone to yoga three times and have done the mindfulness activity when needed. I am so glad this was introduced in class and that I gave the workshop a chance.


The next subject we talked about in class was paradigms. I learned that a paradigm is someone’s beliefs/values. A paradigm is usually formed a certain way by the people/community you surround yourself with. I believe that this can be hard to change because it is something you grew up with and are used to and comfortable with. Keeping an open mind or moving to a different part of the world where people think differently can change it. For me, my beliefs and values changed when I moved from Chicago to south Florida. As a result of moving to Florida and the new people I surrounded myself with, I changed into a “country girl” and enjoyed going hunting, mudding, and wearing camouflage. This only lasted for about a year until I went back to my original likes and values. Every since then, my paradigm has been the same as it first was when I lived in Chicago.


The next subject we talked about was western values. I had been assigned the “No” reading. This talked about how much technology has advanced and how it has affected our world and us. Technology has been advancing greatly since the 1960’s, which has been great but bad in other ways as well. It is amazing that we have been able to advance our technology such as cars, phones, computers, and much more because it benefits all of us in many ways. But, what we lose sight of is how it is affecting the earth and us. The article said, “As belief in dominant social paradigm increases, concern for the environment decreases.” I agree with this statement 100% because the majority of the world is always focused on getting the newer, bigger thing. Weather it’s the new iPhone or car, we all want it. We forget how much it affects our environment. “As consumption rises, more fossil fuels, minerals and metals are mined.” More trees are cut, and more land is plowed. But we do not see this because we are so focused on material things. People need to see what is happening around us. I believe we can help people see what consumption is doing to our planet by posting videos about it and putting it on social media. Since almost everyone used instgram, twitter, and/or facebook, many people would view the videos and be informed.

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