My Sustainability Journey

Last week went by fast to the point that all of my self-learning had come to a happy sustainable day. Reading in ADP amazed me by their topic as a whole. What I learned from the reading is mostly talking about bioinspired smart skin. This topics includes wearable flexible systems capable of mimicking or augmenting functional properties of biological skins. Materials that are use are organic materials and inorganic for electronic devices. Some inspirations of biomimicry is the skin of dolphin and chamaeleo. Three principles that can creates into clothing is by UV-protection, thermal sensing, and energy. An example are such as athletic wear, which had tiny holes that can breathe through the sweats.

While watching ted talk about bamboo, it wowed me. Elora Hardy build magical houses that are made of bamboo. She built her first bamboo house by six story tall in the ally of Bali. What I learned is that bamboo are easy to use because they are hollow and lightweight. Also that bamboo can last longer terms by the use of forex and rightful care. Another fact about Elora Hardy is that she and the students in Ibuku (mother earth) school located in Bali together built 50 structure of bamboo building that took 5 years to finish.

What I learned about watching edible spoons made in India was fascinating. The used of millets, rice and wheat is what the spoons are made of but not just that it came with different flavors too. The spoons are edible that are highly nutritious, no preservatives, and shelf life of 3 years. It takes rice consumer 60 times more water than millets to activate. About 1.5 million have been sold! That’s a big increase because it’s the people reaction to its taste, fun, nutritious, and environmental friendly.

Thoughts on bio-philia is love for natural life. This is one of my favorite lecture so far because I love when nature surrounds around me. Three patterns of biophilic design that I learn and liked most is visual connection with nature, non-visual connection with nature, and complexity and order. Visual connection with nature is where there is a certain nature view in place where everyone could see with happiness. Non-visual connection with nature is where there are gardens and fountains around. Complexity and order is where there are difficultly patterns such as traditional Korea buildings. Benefits of biophilic design gives me the courage and calming sensations to focus more with excitement.

Eco-Design in our learning communities is have an idea to make campus more sustainable. For this we ADP major have the idea of recycle old clothes from whomever then would get discounts. In which different fabric each week or a month. To let this out for students to see is by sending emails, give out flyers, create a website, and put up some signs. However, if the students wants to know more about us, we would make a schedule that would count as a professional development. Two of the ted talk principles that interested me were design for cyclability and design to dematerialize and develop systems and services. The reason why design for cyclability interest me is because of the use of recycling, mono materiality, closed-loop system, and re-usable into a renewal. These concepts relates to me in a way that I hate throwing my stuff away in which I make it into something else. The reason why I like design to dematerialize and develop systems and services is because I like to collaborate with others to support repair, update, and customize clothing designs.

Down below is a sketch of my sustainable design concept. My sustainable design concept is a dress that I sketch of and with this designs I drew it with nail polish that aren’t needed no more. I had too many nail polish in my drawer that I once told myself to throw it away but decide o keep it for later use. In which was very useful. The reason why I drew a person with a dress because hopefully one day I would be able to create this outfit in the later future. However, I once use leftover flowers and food to design a dress before but end up molding apart. In the other hand it was a fun experience!




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