The trend of longevity

This week when I read for the poverty debate, there were quite a few parts that were hard for me to understand. The part where working with the governments to help their economy makes sense, but how do you help shape their government? With the large corporations keeping up with demanding trends and the current fast fashion, they are very destructive. These corporations are the root of the problem, since they are capitalizing off of their horrible environmentally damaging production. If they changed the trend of fast fashion, to a new exciting trend of higher quality clothing that are more expensive, and have a longer lifespan, than they could influence many people and even other companies. The workers for these businesses could be paid more, with better standards, and the fibers used could be all biodegradable, but since the consumers make the trends, everyone, all the consumers should be mindful and proactive and make sustainability a trend. Then maybe the clothing you have right now could have their full use instead of getting sent to goodwill often, yes sending it to goodwill will give you that tax cut, but it will not take it out of the landfill or resupply the earth with its resources. Maybe some money could be saved and put to more experiences rather than materials, to keep up with the constant need to be pleased. The trend of saving up for the cool fashionable clothing could motivate us all, and it would be even greater if it was higher quality and sustainable.

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