Getting on board with change..

This week we continued our practice of meditation, we got into more detail about how fashion and sustainability relate, as well as read articles relating to poverty.

On Monday we started off class with a quick meditation that included a piece of nature. We started as normal and then were told to focus on our piece, mine was bark, and go into depth while thinking about it. I found that this type of meditation was a lot harder for me to stay focused, I found my mind constantly wondering and was even more difficult to bring my thoughts back in again.

Fashion sustainability are two words that most generally would never coincide, without a very dramatic change in our eco logical footprint they will continue being opposites. Fashion is a term that implies change, and with change come waste. Fashion is a never ending cycle, trends and fads come and go. Although this rate of change is good our economic competitiveness and market stimulation it is bad for resource conservation and environmental stewardship. With our generation we are less aware of the long term effects and more focused on what looks good right now. During the in class discussion, the topic of being more efficient and changing the way we create and discard clothes was a continuous conversation, we all show and express an understanding of the situations at hand yet we continue with our habits that is damaging our ecosystem without thought.

Although I was not in class on Wednesday, I was apart of the no team. Through reading this article the biggest thing that stood out to me was the point that because we have poverty does not mean that they are to blame for degradation of our environment. If we come together and create a plan that is sufficient for everybody than it would be a huge step in the progress of recovering of ecosystem.

Our economy is a never ending problem, therefore the reason its called a “wicked problem.” As the week’s progress and more in depth we get, the bigger of an understanding with all pertain. We are only a very small section of student who are taking the time to learn and develop opinions, the ultimate task is to get more people on board and making a difference.

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