How Poverty, Sustainable Design, and Meditation Shaped My Wicked Week

By:Courtney Unruh


What I Learned This Week / Weekly Update


Last week I learned that you have to work hard and make time to be alone with yourself and your own thoughts. As without time to yourself it’s easy to get burnt out and easy to run out of the emotional energy to get just simple weekly tasks done.Otherwise it starts to feel like everything’s falling apart instead of realizing what you’re doing is shaping your life and future.

Also I learned if you want to get everything done it is nearly impossible, instead it’s more about getting the most important things done and focusing on what you can accomplish instead of what you can’t change.


Poverty:Understanding What Causes It and How We Can Help by Not Helping


Poverty to me in deprivation on all areas of one’s well being. Well being includes social, mental, and career well being. The causes of poverty are illiteracy, ill health or life support, inequality, gender bias, and environmental degradation. Inequality is seen in the working class of woman working in poor conditions in factory because they can be payed less. Similar to the Lowell Mills Girls, where women were paid less and the american women had one of the first industrial strikes. Gender bias is seen in any gender specific duties such as taking care of children and not having jobs. Yet to improve poverty the most important thing is education and this is proven as we have seen women’s health and lives improve over the last few generation as education on women’s contraception has been imposed. In addition to help developing countries the best thing we can do is to not inforce are american values of democracy. But instead the best thing that can be done is influencing local and regional groups to create change better known as a civil society collaboration.

Another important thing to help developing countries poverty is trade. Trade is important to these countries because certain things needed are not able to be produced or grown in a sustainable manner or even to be made at all.

Furthermore countries that are reden in poverty are known for high dependency on natural practices. These practices include the practices that cause environmental degradation such as agriculture, mining, and forestry.

The best way to improve poverty is to help with people’s career well being abiding by the rules of teaching a man to fish instead of giving a man a fish learning from what happened in small start up centers in places like Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone after the ebola outbreak Comic Relief helped fund something called the Innovation Hub which teaches people about the current tech so they can get better jobs and create a better life for themselves and their families.

Specifically the resources that were donated and shipped for relief of the people never actually reached the people, instead the items sit piling up in landfills and in storage units. I personally think it’s very Americanized ideas to give resources as people tend to be untrustworthy of others uses of money, yet this isn’t going to a person standing on street corners, but going to people in other countries who are severely suffering and aren’t out trying to rip us off. In fact hey aren’t simply asking for anything it the charitable foundations who are reaching out for the suffering for support. In a situation like this one the best thing is to do research

and know where your money is going and that it will be used for. As resources that are not being used are helping absolutely no one and it’s creating an environmental catastrophe on top of a suffering group of people.




This week I found that for me meditation is best done without any distractions as I feel that my life is seemingly full of major distractions. Because for me the relaxation comes with being able to evaluate myself and have body awareness and mental awareness of how I feel overall. Yet I think over time as I become a more skilled meditator I will be able to walk labyrinths with security over myself and in the moment properly. It actually made me think of circumambulation or walking around sacred object or a deity as I thought back to the Great Stupa at Sanchi. In fact it made me think of the buddhist Borobudur Temple where you walk through a labyrinth that I understand to be climbing through its levels as it builds up to help you keep closer to the heavens or god. Also probably the most well known labyrinth that came to mind is the labyrinth on the floor of Chartres Cathedral that is known as a path for people that immigrated their to find god during the religious uprising. Yet for me focusing on an object or walking a path of a labyrinth lets my mind wander so much it’s hard to reel it in it’s like my mind is that of lorelai from Gilmore Girls when she is trying to write a letter.


Understanding the Utilization of Online Libraries

Before this week I didn’t have any thought or idea of taking advantage of the resources I pay for here at osu when it comes to the library. I was so excited to see so many resources for utilization about the sustainable designs that are out their. Knowing this will make it easier when I write for other classes, but to also prove my thesis properly for my wicked problem report.


Is the Fashion Industry a Good Thing?

Yes and No?

The increase need for things has been a successful for flourishing brands like Forever 2, H&M, and Zara. These companies have been a big culprit in the issues that the fashion world has with sustainability as their methods of production are harsh to the environment. Yet the importance of fashion will always be there as it lets people show who they are and who they want to be we need it to characterized people like first responders and firefighters. In addition it allows everyone to express their cultures and worldly opinion. Yet their is a nature of change that takes place within the world as technology and education advancements allow for fashion the idea and implementation that has been spread around is that of made to recycle goods or designing for the obsolete values. As our goal as people is to do better for our posterity or future people and children. Especially as w don’t know the effects that could be the outcome of our bad choices. Also as the idea of recycling has become well known it’s only fair that this spreads to everything including clothing.


Through using the technology that is already available to use we can already have large environmental improvement as made to measure technology’s root are that of digital printing which uses less harsh chemicals and only have the design on the pieces that are being used for the garment meaning that the white fabric can be recycled and not having been been through any major process.


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