It All Takes Time

This week it was brought to my attention the variety of ways that you can meditate. The two that we took to practice and tried out was a walking meditation and a meditation that requires you to use an object. I have heard of a walking meditation when you use a labyrinth to follow the path and walk around in a circle like shape. The way that we tried this in walking around the few trees that were outside I found to be very distracted. I enjoy being outside every much but I found that when I comes to trying to meditate outside I would have to be in a very quiet place with no one around. Every time that I saw someone walking or heard them walking by my concentration was broken and I then wasn’t able to keep focused. With the meditation using the object I also found it hard to keep my focus on that one thing. When your eyes are closed you are forced to only focus on what you are wanting to think about or to just clear your mind. With your eyes open you are more free to wander with where you are looking so your mind will then wander also.

When talking about fashion and sustainability this week they were arguing that we need to not stop production of clothes but find better ways to make them that are more sustainable. Nowadays everyone is so caught up in the next fashion to come out that they won’t care if what they buy is sustainable or not. If clothes are made fashionable and sustainable then I feel that consumers will be happy to purchase them then. Fashion helps with jobs and allowing people to be more creative in the way that they can be open to new ideas. Now if we can make those new ideas more sustainable we can help the earth as well as keeping up with new fashions. There is no easy or quick way to succeed this it will just have to be something that will develop over time for the better.  

The other topic that we went over was one about how poverty and sustainability go together. Never had I thought about these two things having an effect on each other but reading about them I found out that they do more than I knew. Some would argue that sustainability causes poverty while others would say that poverty causes sustainability. After talking about these two sides it was obvious that there is no easy way to fix poverty or sustainability. I don’t think that poverty is caused by sustainability but it has probably not been something that has helped or made it better for them. There has to be a way that can be found that would be able to support these two different concepts. The hard part is finding this middle ground and being able to help the less fortunate use it in the most beneficial ways.

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