Poverty is Affecting all of Us

This week’s class was full of information that helped me get a better-understanding of the relation of fashion and sustainability. I had never thought of fashion and sustainability practices until this week in class. The article that we read was really interesting and gave a lot of insight on how the two subjects correlated, and how they affect one another. I quote from the article that stuck out to me was, “fashion is merely a form of ugliness so unbearable that we are compelled to alter it every six months,” by Oscar Wilde. It shows how fast fashion has made a big impact on the industry, and that people are always compelled to be in “trend.” I am guilty of that, I seem to be attracted to clothes that are popular at the moment and like to purchase from fast fashion brands, such as Forever 21. The article describes as fashion being “wasteful” now because people do not keep their clothes for a long time, or some clothing companies do not make their clothes a good quality for them to last long. It was interesting to read that although there are negatives to fashion, there are many positives as well and that it is not just clothing, it can be customs, music, and much more. Fashion is helpful in everyone’s lives because it sparks creativity and something new, it should just be used in a good way that won’t harm the environment. I hope to start making differences in my life by not purchasing things I do not need and recycling my clothes more. As I was thinking about this, I was also scrolling through my feed on Facebook and saw a video of a girl who owns a clothing company. The owner makes clothes using eco-friendly products, like flowers for dye, I thought it was a really great idea, and although I am not a designer it is something that I am interested in trying and since I am a merchandising major, maybe the type of company I would like to work for one day.

I also learned about degradation and poverty. The poverty article gave me a deeper understanding of what I had experienced. Although I have not lived in poverty, I travel to Mexico very often and have seen it and been around it. Experiencing it has made me very grateful for everything that I have. I had known that living through poverty forces people to use the environment as resources, but I had never thought of it causing degradation. I do not believe it is their fault because they are just trying to survive and feed their families, thinking about the impact they are making on the environment is their least of their worries. I do believe that there should be more resources to them, not just physical but also information. I also think that maybe adding more jobs for people can help, I did like the idea of a company investing because I believe that people that really want it will work for it. Even though there might be people that do not work hard or are would not try, I think that number of people would be small. I hope that one day we can live in a world without poverty, but I know that is something that will take time. I hope to use my career one day with helping poverty and the environment at the same time. A change can start with me now, by doing simple things that change into big things. This is truly a wicked problem because there is not just one solution and it is also hard to grasp.



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