Sustainability in the World around us

This week in class we practiced 2 different kinds of meditation, nature and walking meditation.  For me I found the nature meditation a lot easier than the ones we have done the past couple of weeks because nature is where I find it easiest to relax and find myself. I have always loved going on hikes and exploring the outdoors, so closing my eyes and imagining where the pine branch I had in hand was very easy and relaxing for me. I put myself into the situation and concentrated solely on that moment which I found had helped me achieve my most relaxed state of mind.

In the first article we read this week, it explains how we need to make more sustainable options for clothing. Our country is one of the biggest consumer countries in the world, so much so a large portion has become over consumers. People are constantly wanting the newest things on the shelves and they aren’t completely satisfied until they get it. This issue of over consumerism is effecting our planet and everyone on it. Before reading this article I had never thought about how sustainability and fashion were related, but after reading it, it changed my perspective on the issue. To make a change. It would take a lot of planning and small steps. Although it would be a long process, I believe that we need to start making changes in the ways we live. We were only given one earth, so if we want to continue living here, we need to figure out how to help out. One part of the reading says that clothes were designed knowing we won’t use it in the future, so we need to figure out a way for clothes to be designed with as little of a burden on the planet as possible. Since changing consumer habits would be nearly impossible, making sustainable and planet friendly clothing would be the next big step. Finding smarter textiles would drastically cut down on the harm we have already caused this earth.

The second reading of the week was about how poverty and sustainability go hand in hand. It talked about how many people think that the poor are the ones who cause the degrading environment levels, but in reality there is only so much they can do in poverty stricken areas. People try to blame the poor for the plants declining shape, but in reality we can’t just blame one group of individuals.  Everyone has played a part in this, so blaming the poor for this issue doesn’t make sense. One example we talked about in class was farmers in high poverty areas. They are just trying to make a living so they are forced to make unsustainable decisions when it comes to the land. Although they are the ones farming, they have no other choice if they want to survive and make a living. They may have helped contribute to the downfall in our environment, but we can’t place all the blame on them, because we are just as responsible, if not more.

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