The Opportunities Are Endless

Something that I really want to focus in on and talk about from this weeks class was the Walker reading on fashion and sustainability. To summarize, Walker really pushed on a more localized way of producing and selling apparel. He was very much incline to the idea of pushing more sustainable clothing and believed that since fashion is ever changing the way we create it can be changed as well.


After reading I started seriously coming up with ways I could implement what he was saying into my career field. Being a merchandising major I feel like I could try to promote much more recycled apparel and chose from manufactures in the U.S. I feel that the more these types of things are introduced into the apparel industry the better and more trendy it will become.


This weekend I was able to go back to my home town to spend some time with my dad. We decided to go shopping on Saturday. My dad is very plain jane kind of guy. He doesn’t really need a ton of material things to keep him content. However, when it comes to hunting my dad will find and buy any and everything he thinks is cool. So we walk into Cabelas, an outdoors retailer, and I began to realize just how complex hunting gear actually was. Some of the most random and crazy designs I didn’t even know existed. I begin to question if all of these tools were really even necessary and how many people actually buy these things. I mean the store was huge they even had a concession stand in it and there were lots of people shopping around. I noticed, though, that most everyone shopping in the store looked the same, wearing boots and typical outdoorsy clothes. This store was created to target these kinds of buyers but how are we supposed to make these kinds of stores fit the mold that Walker was talking about? That’s just it, there are so many opportunities to create sustainable products especially in apparel. So while Walkers idea is simple the list of designs for this market are endless. I was so worried that Walkers idea would in turn put a lot of people in my field out of work but now after seeing the complexity of how many different things we can turn into something sustainable I feel worry free.


Another issue that I feel would do some good is the whole idea of making things more localized. I think that if more awareness and importance was made over this that more people would be on board to make it happen. These kinds of ideas are just really hard to achieve sometimes because there are so many things that factor into them. We can’t expect all the giant companies to stop production to make room for small local places. I think as time progress slowly but surely we can meet these terms. I think time is the biggest component in creating sustainability and with time we can begin to see this work progress but it’s all up to us and the way we push its boundaries.


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