The World in the Hands of our Government

From the United States Census Bureau, the poverty rate in 2015 reaches 13.5% whereas in 2014, a year earlier, it was at 14.8%. luckily, this went down from these years resulting in 3.5 million impoverished people less in 2015 than in 2014. The idea that poverty is has a direct correlation to the environmental degradation we face to day makes me feel indifferent about it. Poverty is an issue in itself and likewise with environmental degradation. I think that this article can be related to the articles we read last week in a sense that globalization is talking about working with less developed nations which also would consider most of the impoverished populations. This has me wondering if the two, globalization and poverty, are related or not. This might be hard for me to explain, but bear with with me while I try.

We know that globalization is developing the underdeveloped nations so that we can benefit our environment and we know that this week the article is talking about poverty being the causes of environmental degradation. Well, in a sense you could since underdeveloped nations are more likely to hold impoverished people then both articles could be seen as pro globalization in those countries. Like I said in my previous blog, I would love to see everyone in the world be able to survive with basic needs and to flourish to be able to sustain themselves and their families. With that being said I do not think that we can blame our environmental issue all on the poor. I think that we all have a part to take in caring for our planet and I believe that with good leadership and government officials we would be able to sustain our planet better than we have been.

The government has a huge role to play in the environment with regulations, incentives, and laws to guide and persuade companies and individuals to act accordingly. With the lack of importance placed in our environment many people of higher status in the government are blind sided by the issues or simply choose not to believe in them when they can be proven has hard facts. On the Issue quotes our president Donald Trump, which shows his take on environmental issues.

“Question: Would you cut departments?”

“Trump: Environmental Protection, what they do is a disgrace. Every week they come

out with new regulations.

“Question: Who’s going to protect the environment?”

“Trump: We’ll be fine with the environment. We can leave a little bit, but you can’t destroy businesses.

This inherently shows that currently our government does not look at environmental degradation as big deal. Reading this infuriated me because he simply doesn’t care at all about the environmental issue that are very real that we are facing. Now, I do not think that cutting out all corporations or businesses should be done but I do think that the more regulations that are put on them the better we can protect ourselves and our environment. This all goes back to good leadership. Without someone who cares about the current issues that this world faces then we are unable to change anything let alone “Make America Great Again” like Trump so call thinks he can do. This statement also employed that America was great at one time and is not anymore. I think that yes we have gotten to a point where we are struggling but I think that is due to us exploring new technologies. We just need to be aware of our impacts on everything around us because everything we do comes with an unintended consequence than can be irreversible. We need to learn to adapt to how we think and how our world is advancing while keeping in mind that we can not just kill off our planet and expect to be able to live without it.



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