We Have More Power Than We Think

Due to being sick, I was only able to attend Wednesday’s class but I got a lot out of it. On Wednesday we kicked off class by going outside to meditate. I was very confused as to why we had to go outside to do it but I gave it a try. When we got outside we followed each other in a line doing a figure eight around two trees. We were all looking down trying to focus in on the ground so that we were distracted by what was going on around us. But I found that extremely difficult. It seemed like each step I took was a different pace because everyone would twitch off speeds which made it very frustrating and hard to meditate. I also would run into branches due to trying to focus on the ground. It was also very noisy because of the leaves everyone was stepping on and the students outside of our class walking to classes. I truly tried my best to focus on the present and find peace but walking around with a group of people outside was simply too distracting. After class, I tried walking on my own on a treadmill and meditating. I found this to be a lot easier because I was on my own. I benefit the most from meditating when we are in the classroom sitting down with our eyes closed for 5-10 minutes. I enjoy the peace and quiet.

The next subject we talked about was fashion and poverty. Poverty is something that is not easy to fix. Some people who are poor  are single mothers who can’t work because they have their children to look after. And since they have to look after their children all day, they are unable to work. This is a very tricky situation. People also are born into poverty  and are maybe unable to get an education, therefore they are unable to get a decent job later in life causing them to continue this cycle. But in other situations I believe that some people can possibly just be lazy and not want to get a job and are just content living off of welfare. A question that was asked in class was, are we able to donate something like a new building for the poor to live in or land for them to farm and grow healthy foods? On one hand it sounds like a great idea because people who have more than enough money can donate to help the poor get out of their rut. But on the other hand some people may not take care of what is given to them. All of these factors are why poverty is a wicked problem.

Poverty is a problem in this country and it does relate to fashion. A huge subject all of my classes touch on often is sustainability. And clothes are not being made to be sustainable and able to last for twenty years. This is because trends changes so often so people end up getting rid of their clothes quicker than they should. A lot of people get rid of their clothing by throwing it away. This is simply a waste. There are much better options such as  Goodwill. I have donated multiple bags of clothing to chains such as Goodwill and by doing this I am really helping out the planet and the people who aren’t as fortunate. I believe that a lot of people do not take this route because it is easier to walk out to their garbage and throw their clothing away. People need to realize that their clothes can help out not only their planet, but a single mother, father, or children who are unable to purchase clothing at full price. I believe that once someone donates their clothing once, they end up doing it the rest of their life because the feeling of helping others and the world is an great feeling.

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