Blog 6

The ending discussion on Biomimicry was this week. The nature principles I feel that us “the world” need to copy is nature runs on sunlight, are things like solar panels that are emulating that but they could be used more often. Nature uses only the energy we need, people waste energy daily, if people were more aware of the exact energy they were wasting maybe they would try and conserve more. When I think of sustainable principles as it relates to merchandising I reference things like reducing cost, reducing time to market, and simplifying supply chains. These ideas would help make the company more sustainable but are achievable things that companies can strive for.

SWOT analysis for a sustainable and unsustainable company

Forever 21

  • Strengths

Cheap clothes

Fast fashion

Always in season

  • Weaknesses

Waste fabrics/clothes

Factories overseas

Don’t conserve

  • Opportunities

Create more sustainable practices

More quality clothing

  • Threats

People are becoming more conscious of unsustainable companies

Other brands are making more sustainable practices while providing low priced clothing


  • Strengths

Independent suppliers

Affordable fashion

Textile waste

  • Weaknesses

New to sustainability

Factories overseas

  • Opportunities

Provide more ways for people to get involved

Higher quality clothing

  • Threats

Some people are unaware of the sustainable practices

Overall the LOLA show was interesting and I learned some interesting things. Some of the shows that stood out was the presentation on unsustainable companies. Companies like Forever 21 and Zara were mentioned with how they moved factories from America to Asia, denied pay and lunch breaks to workers. The companies also hide their labor practices and have used child labor. Forever 21 has been caught with stealing designs, they produce poor quality products that are only worn for one season. A sustainable company that was mentioned was Reformation because they strive to minimize the water, energy, and waste with also using 100% wind power. I have shopped quite a bit at Forever 21 even though I knew/know they are unsustainable. I happen to like their cheap clothing that is fast fashion. I don’t go there knowing I am getting a quality product. I do wish they would practice more sustainable ways but it doesn’t prohibit me from shopping there. I love the brand Reformation and found them when I made an AD for them because they make clothes of the style I like and do practice many sustainable practices. Another presentation I learned and never heard about was the presentation on found fish nets being used to make thread that are used in swim suits. I think that is a really smart way to help clean up the ocean but also upcycle the product so it can have another life or extend its life cycle. The last presentation I think could make a hug impact on package was the mushroom packaging. How it biodegrades in thirty days unlike normal packaging like peanuts that never breakdown. I like that companies are already using it like Dell. This idea or process could really help with packaging issues in the future.

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