Blog 6

Some of the nature principles that I feel are the strongest are: nature runs on sunlight and nature fits form to function. I feel those are the essential principles. All natural things require sunlight. Even as humans, sunlight has vitamin D which is essential. Plants require sunlight to grow and blossom. Nature fits form to function. Nature only does something because it has a crucial purpose. Instead of having extra material things, nature only has what it needs to survive.

Merchandising needs to become more sustainable. Many retailers are not focused on being more environmentally friendly, but are more focused on profits. Stores are concerned with making the highest profit, with the cheapest product. Taking into consideration that becoming more sustainable could possibly save money, would be ideal for companies. Fashion companies need to reevaluate their priorities and should strive to become more sustainable.

My learning community and I talked about different sustainable companies that we could do a SWOT analysis over. We decided to go with Patagonia. They are extremely sustainable and are concerned with the environment. We researched a lot about Patagonia and was very impressed with how concerned they are for the sake of nature and for their customers. They used recycled materials to make products and their employees volunteer regularly. An unsustainable company we discussed was Forever21. This company just tries to manufacture as much product as possible, while being as cheap as possible. The quality of the clothing does not allow it to be used for more than one season. Most people after wearing a piece for its full use, will just throw it out. They do not practice any sustainability as possible.

I personally feel like consumers don’t focus on the signage or the packaging. Some customers might, but I feel the majority do not even notice it. While working at retail store many customers never notice the prominent signs displayed around the store. Store associates are made to relate the sales/promotions to the customers. I also feel that the average consumer is more concerned with price than with the products being environmentally friendly. It would be nice of retailers to start better promotions to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, but it is going to take a big change for everyone to be on board.

I enjoyed researching and looking up my LOLA show topic. My topic was about self-healing textiles made out of the same protein as squids. I felt like I did well, but the only thing I would have changed was me not being sick. I wish I would have been well enough to fully enjoy presenting my topic. I enjoyed others topics too. I think Jessica did a great job talking about ways to save the ocean and the company Econyl. I also enjoyed the presentation over bionic yarn and how the company teamed up with Pharrell Williams. Another one I found interesting was Rebecca’s presentation of the Morpho butterfly. I never knew how much intricacy was in a butterfly’s wings. It was really impressive and neat to find out that apparel is being made to mimic the wings of the Morpho.




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