Blog 6

Blog 6

The big nature principle that I speaks to me is that nature recycles everything. When I think about how nature recycles everything where society recycles nothing really. Parts of society are trying to change and be more like nature by following its example, but society is not catching up to natures level. Another principle that I liked was that nature runs on sunlight. Everything requires sunlight to be healthy and grow. It helps plants grow, it gives energy to humans, and it can give energy and run buildings.

One of the strongest sustainable principles that I relate to when designing is reusing materials/repurpose items to give them a longer life. When I merchandise I prefer to use older furniture and find a way to repurpose it to accommodate merchandise instead of buying new fixtures that are made for a small and specific niche of products. However, when I find a great piece of old furniture I give it new life in merchandising. Then when that product is on and another type of product comes in I can use the furniture in a different way for that product.

Strength: Strength of being a sustainable company is that they are making our environment better. However, when it comes to a non-sustainable strength is that it saves times by not worrying about recycling or how to reuse things.

Weakness: Weaknesses of being sustainable is trying to get people on board to doing sustainable practices. It also cost lots of time and money to get a system up and running. When it comes to a non-sustainable company it is loosing out on tax right offs and loosing customers that want to buy from sustainable companies

Opportunities: Opportunities of a sustainable company is having a strong bond within the company by getting your team to come together to put a sustainable program in action. When a group does it together they want it to succeed.

Threat: Threats of a sustainable company is that the cost for putting a sustainable practice can cut into profits. A threat for non-sustainable companies is that there are sustainable distributors or designers that want their product in only sustainable stores. So it can limit their product assortment.

More and more stores have been implementing a more sustainable or environmental friendly environment. For example in sprouts they charge you five cents for using the disposable plastic and paper bags. However, when I bring my reusable bags I save money. 5 cents does not sound like a lot but depending on how often you are shopping or how much you buy it can add up. There are some companies that are trying to be more environmental friendly when it comes to their shipping and packaging. In class last year I heard of a company that ships part from over seas. The company found out that their packaging was in good shape after being shipped and decided to reuse it to send stuff back overseas. Each time a box got shipped out it would get a mark. The company found out that they could use the same box at least 20 times!

When it comes to the presentations I thought that everyone did pretty well. Each talk had their own interesting fact, even though some peoples topics were more interesting than others. The main thing that stood out to me was the recycling needs that we do not think about all the time. I know there are stores out there that are not very sustainable, but to see that those stores are trying to change their ways to be a better partner of Earth. For example H&M is an unsustainable store because they are a fast fashion store, which creates lots of waste. H&M are trying to change their ways and become more sustainable by using less harmful chemicals, monitoring their water consumption, creating a recycling program to try to close the loop. Another thing that stood out to me was the inventions of new materials that are being designed from natural material and biomimicry material. From those my favorite was the self-healing material. When getting a hole in a piece of clothing instead of just throwing it away having it heal itself and making it stronger so the item will last longer. I am not sure that I am ready yet to have patches on my clothing but I think there could be a way to have the clothing self-heal without having that patch look.

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