Blog 6

This past week was a big one for me and my learning community. Our group was one of the three learning communities that presented for the LOLA show.

When it comes to sustainable principles, many do not connect them with the merchandising or fashion world. If anything, sustainability as it relates to this world is usually a bad thing. Given that the fashion industry is the third worst industry for the world, it has been interesting to learn of realistic ways sustainable principles can relate to this industry. One of natures principles is that nature recycles everything. This spoke to me because I think in our everyday lives we find recycling to almost be a hassle. So for nature to recycle everything without hassle or second thought is pretty inspiring. I think if it is that easy for nature to do this, we should be able to do this in society and in the fashion industry.

There are several aspects that come with making a company sustainable. Some of the strengths are obvious. It is all around better for the world and is better for many forms of life on our planet. Although the strengths are obvious, there are weaknesses to this. Making a company sustainable is good, but many people have to be on board supporting these companies. It is very hard getting people to understand the relevance and importance of sustainable practices. So if not many people can change their habits to shopping with sustainable companies then the switch will fail. However this does lead to a huge opportunity to lead people to supporting these practices. Finally the obvious threats are the companies that are not sustainable and bringing in the foot traffic that they have into the sustainable stores.

The LOLA shows were really great. There were many things that stood out to me. I really liked Alexis Carey’s presentation. Her LOLA presentation was about the problem of packaging and how much waste comes with that. She spoke about the mushroom packaging. This specific kind of packaging is very sustainable because it biodegrades after thirty days of use. This is a great idea because it can help prevent things such as shoreline waste.

-Abby Camargo

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