Blog 6

As we talked about in class, we need to remember the principles of nature. Nature runs on sunlight, uses only the energy it needs, fits form to function, recycles everything, rewards cooperation, banks on diversity, demands local expertise, curbs excesses from within, and taps the power of limits. As we are designing and providing solutions, we need to keep natures principles in mind.

SWOT is Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. As we learned about SWOT, my learning community discussed a company that practices sustainable design and a company that doesn’t. Patagonia was the store that we talked about. They use recycled nylon, polyester, wool, organic cotton, and many more materials. We also touched on Forever 21 and how unsustainable it is. With Forever 21, the clothing is mass-produced, which leads to clearance clothing that doesn’t have durable material. My learning community also talked about the environmental-awareness signage and eco-packaging concept for a retail store. The problem was that there was a lack of awareness on sustainability, so we created an idea. Our store idea was that we would create signs throughout the store describing content

I thought the LOLA show was interesting. It felt as if everyone in the class were standing up giving their own TED talks. I talked about the Morpho butterfly and how there was a dress created with the Morpho butterfly as a sustainable design. This portrayed not fouling the nest in industrial ecology, because there are no dyes used to create the garment. Another topic that was discussed was the Lotus flower technique. This was basically talking about a finish that is put on garments to waterproof them. Because of the lotus self cleaning and waterproof technique this can be accomplished. Another topic that stood out to me was the packaging “Styrofoam” that is grown and can be broken down after sent out to be a fertilizer.

Over the past week some things that stood out to me had to do with the robots that were designed with the inspiration of cockroaches. Looking at biology as the center focus of this design, the robots were created. We also talked about the Kentucky derby roses. I really liked the video that was shown and had always wondered about the process of getting all those roses there. One thing that I have been trying to be sustainable about as I am putting my sustainable lessons to action is to actually think sustainable. At my work, there are hundreds of Styrofoam cups that get thrown away every day because people pick up a Styrofoam cup, get a drink of water and then throw it away. After an hour or so, they will come back in, get another Styrofoam cup, fill it with water, drink it, and throw it away. These practices are very unsustainable and not cheap. I decided to bring my own bottle to work to refill my water and tell other employees how to achieve this sustainably too!

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